A Week of Symfony #757 (28 June - 4 July 2021)

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This week, Symfony 4.4.26, 5.2.11 and 5.3.3 maintenance versions were released. Meanwhile, Symfony deprecated the configuration of tags on RegisterListenersPass and continued adding types, including union types when possible, across the entire codebase.

Symfony development highlights

This week, 69 pull requests were merged (66 in code and 3 in docs) and 37 issues were closed (34 in code and 3 in docs). See details for code and docs.

4.4 changelog:

  • e2d33fb: [Filesystem] workaround cannot dumpFile into "protected" folders on Windows
  • 2f7bad9: [DependencyInjection] turn $defaultDeprecationTemplate into a constant
  • 3c72d51: [PhpUnitBridge] avoid triggering the autoloader in Deprecation::isLegacy()
  • ed09dc1: [Console] fix type annotations on InputInterface
  • e93f8c0: [Console] fix handling positional arguments
  • 8519cb7: [Security] don't skip UserPasswordValidatorTest
  • 99a8b9f: updated Italian translation
  • 17a156e: updated Chinese translation
  • 43733f7: updated Arabic translation
  • d59f8ee: updated Uzbek translation
  • 06351de: updated Vietnamese translation
  • eb83be4: updated Bulgarian translation

5.2 changelog:

  • d8c3efb: [Messenger] fix FlattenExceptionNormalizer

5.3 changelog:

  • e1c020a: fix SessionTokenStorage reuse with Request
  • 2888e40: [Security] handle concurency in Csrf DoctrineTokenProvider
  • 6b3e305: backport type fixes

5.4 changelog:

  • 45dee34: [VarDumper] improve support for AmpHttpClient
  • d33ec7b: [EventDispatcher] deprecate configuring tags on RegisterListenersPass
  • d3757a1: [Notifier] add MessageMedia Bridge
  • f04a2f1: [SecurityBundle] hide security toolbar if no firewall matched
  • 5778f9a: [TwigBundle] improve comment on error silencing
  • 0ff660c: [Validator] add support for ConstraintViolationList::createFromMessage()
  • b28b63c: [Messenger] add StopWorkerException
  • 6402572: [Workflow] add support for getting updated context after a transition
  • cdcf696: add TesterTrait::assertCommandIsSuccessful() helper

6.0 changelog:

  • e5ef7d7: [Mime] add union types
  • 41ea765: [Messenger] add union types
  • 210dc98: [Doctrine Bridge] add union types
  • d0c7287: [Routing] add missing types
  • 76ee4a5: [Config] add types
  • f4d1e4f: [DependencyInjection] add union types
  • ca39553: [HttpFoundation] add union types
  • dd44cab: [FrameworkBundle] add union types
  • fd0566c: [Security] add union types
  • 6ebc6fd: [Serializer] add union types
  • cf76057: [Console] add union types
  • ff940a0, 7e522cb: add more types
  • e98f0d5: [EventDispatcher] add types to private properties
  • f06eae0: [DependencyInjection] remove deprecated code
  • 99befff: [EventDispatcher] remove ability to configure tags on RegisterListenersPass
  • 4dae21b: [Serializer] remove deprecation layer

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