A week of symfony #93 (6->12 october 2008)

Symfony maintained this week the intense development activity of the previous week. In total, nearly 200 changesets were commited, 6 new plugins were released and 20 plugins were updated, mostly sfDoctrinePlugin and sfPropelPlugin. In addition, symfony project achieved its 12,000th changeset milestone and symfony 1.2 showed more of its upcoming features.

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Development highlights

  • r11972: [1.2] added a default option to form widgets
  • r11975: [1.2] fixed (s|g)etDefault(s)() methods
  • r11982: [1.2] added the Countable interface for sfForm
  • r11985: [1.2] added the Iterator interface for sfForm
  • r11992: [1.2] added the possibility to set the label for a widget and added a label option for all form widgets
  • r12001: [1.2] tweaked toString callables for ObjectHelper
  • r12002: [1.2] added sfCacheSessionStorage for memcache based sessions
  • r12008: [1.2] added sfForm::(g|s)etWidget and sfForm::(g|s)etValidator methods
  • r12055: [1.2] added SQL bindings in the web debug toolbar
  • r12056: [1.2] updated package.xml PEAR file
  • r12064: [1.2] added the possibility to pass an array to sfData::getFiles()
  • r12067: [lime] refactored lime_coverage to allow better control
  • r12069: [1.2] added test:coverage task
  • r12081: [1.2] changed sfValidatorRegex base class to sfValidatorString
  • r12096: [1.2] fixed doctrine:init-admin won't work without sfPropelPlugin
  • r12105: [1.2] fixed generator.yml config handler
  • r12106: [1.2] added sfWebResponse::getStatusText()
  • r12131: [1.2] added missing button_to_function to JavascriptBaseHelper.php
  • r12138: [1.2] enhanced error templates
  • r12141: [1.2] fixed coding standard of default Propel generated empty classes
  • r12143, r12144: [1.2] fixed early exceptions
  • r12145: [1.2] allowed plugins to be enabled by other plugins
  • r12146: [1.2] changed sfPatternRouting connect method collection to accept a sfRoute or sfRouteCollection as an argument
  • r12147: [1.2] fixed app:routes task to display routes dynamically added by plugins
  • r12150: [1.2] changed XML error templates to work even if short_tags is on
  • r12151: [1.2] fixed propel:data-load should not load fixtures from disabled plugins by default
  • Updated dwhittle branch
  • ...and many other changes

Development digest: 191 changesets, 57 defects created, 40 defects closed, 14 enhancements created, 13 enhancements closed, 3 documentation defects created, 12 documentation defects closed and 24 documentation edits.

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  • New Job Postings:
    • Symfony developer @ agencepix.com - full-time based in Nice, France - Contact: recrutement [at] agencepix [dot] com
    • Symfony developer @ European academic association's portal - remote working option only, but eventual location in Belgium might be a plus - Contact: salvatore.scifo [at] communitymedia [dot] eu
    • Web developer @ Layover.com - 6-month contract with possible full time position after - Contact: denny [at] layover [dot] com
  • New symfony blogger:


  • New plugins
  • Updated plugins
    • sfDoctrinePlugin:
      • trunk: changed a few default attributes and added hook to configure doctrine, fixed issue with model loading and behaviors for form generating, fix to config.php to invoke the correct method name, committing missing files and svn ignore on log and cache, fixed issue with test fixtures, added new Alias and Query Option for sfDoctrine Choice and Select widget and validator, fixed issue with unsetting m:n relations and sfValidatorDoctrineChoiceMany, enhances error check for sfValidatorDoctrineChoiceMany, added peer_method option to _get_doctrine_object_list(), fixed lists to use Doctrine array access so they can be used with array hydration, replacing custom I18n access with native Doctrine filters, general cleaning, fixed admin generator gets wrong number for CHAR/VARCHAR columns, change to build-models to only build models for enabled plugins
      • 1.1: fixed issue with model loading and behaviors for form generating, fixed issue with change made that only works in symfony 1.2, added new Alias and Query Option for sfDoctrine Choice and Select widget and validator, fixed issue with unsetting m:n relations and sfValidatorDoctrineChoiceMany, enhances error check for sfValidatorDoctrineChoiceMany, added peer_method option to _get_doctrine_object_list(), fixed lists to use Doctrine array access so they can be used with array hydration, implemented proper enum support for 1.1 form generator
    • sfPropelPlugin:
      • trunk: added support for Propel foreign key phpName and refPhpName to new and old schema.yml, updated sfPropelBaseTask::cleanup() to check --trace option whenever called regardless of phing build success, updated setting of Propel foreign-key XML attributes to be more future-proof, fixed Propel task cleanup conditional, added support for passing arbitrary driver options to the PropelPDO connection, fixed bug in fixtures loader when Propel inheritance is used, added the possibility to pass an array to sfData::getFiles(), changed propel:insert-sql task to use databases.yml instead of propel.ini, corrected builder paths in example propel.ini, added nested set builders, added output buffering of all Propel task unless --trace option is on, added --phing-arg option to those tasks that wrap phing tasks, added propel:data-load options to propel:build-all-load
      • migration: updated generation of baseline migration to respect connection mappings in sqldb.map, removed unnecessary migration manager class for better KISS, removed execAll() convenience method and updated that method's signature to use an options array
    • sfExtjsThemePlugin: added override to properly disable the header menu when enableHdMenu is set to false on a grid, added override that supports using autoExpandColumn and forceFit at the same time on a grid, added in rowactions for the list grid, fixed a bug where the naming of the rowaction callback partial name, fixed a bug where the callback partial wasn't being created, modified createPartialFile method to also create the partials in the cache directory, added progress column extension, moved css into RowActions and RowAction extensions, removed unnecessary docs.css, removed unnecessary ux.ValidationStatus.js, fixed the column autoWidth for RowActions, fixed sorting on foreign-values, fixed to properly update the gridView sortState for foreign columns, split up listAjaxSuccess.php to make things easier to override
    • sfAdvancedAdminGeneratorPlugin: some updates, added empty_value feature for fields
    • sfModerationPlugin: removed wrong type hint, added treatment of a class without comment column, fixed config-dependent test, reorganized comments, started treatment of multiple contents
    • ckWebServicePlugin: ckWebServiceController now extends sfWebController instead of sfController so URL generation is possible, refactored/documented ckWebServiceGenerateWsdlTask, updated README, fixed bug in ckWebServiceGenerateWsdlTask, changed the pattern for parsing @var doc tags so it corresponds to the syntax of phpDocumentor
    • ysfDimensionsPlugin: updated readme for dimensions configuration (resolves issues with cache:clear task), fixed typo, added better cache clearing for dimensions
    • sfStatisticsPlugin: added folders for branches and tags
    • sfDoctrineGuardPlugin: fixed issue with tasks still extending Propel, sfDoctrineGuardPlugin fix tasks add include for sfDoctrineBaseTask, ported sfGuardForgotPassword from 1.0 to 1.1, added error messages to forgot password, fixed issue with catching wrong exception, fixed issue with remember me functionality, fixed issue with incorrect timestamp value for remember me functionality
    • sfDynamicCMSPlugin: completely refactor & redesign permissions management system
    • sfPropelActAsOwnedBehaviorPlugin: modified plugin skeleton, updated README file
    • sfJqueryPlugin: updated the README file, released 1.0.1 version, fixed the name of the parameter given from 'success' function
    • sfExtjs2Plugin: added actions to quote except, added CheckBoxSelectionModel
    • bhLDAPAuthPlugin: show errors on signin form
    • sfGuardPlugin: updating routes for 1.2, backported changes from 1.1, fixed package dependencies
    • sfEasyGMapPlugin: fixed XML Geocoding, fixed GeocodeXML behavior on incomplete responses, added support for street name, country name and postal code
    • DbFinderPlugin: added tests to illustrate Late Static Binding limitation, fixed problem with decimal numbers in withColumn() expressions
    • sfFormExtraPlugin: added some JavaScript based widgets

Some new symfony powered websites

  • cinta.co.id: Indonesia's dating community
  • Amazigh TV: Website of Amazigh(Berber) TV
  • tulinq.com: (spanish) Web 2.0 community where users can submit and vote articles, images or videos
  • OnSalus: (spanish) Web 2.0 site where health information exchange interests with people in similar circumstances, with references and medical outcomes

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