A week of symfony #98 (10->16 november 2008)

The last beta of symfony 1.2 was released this week, setting the pace for the upcoming release candidate. In addition, last week it was officially announced that symfony will be supported in the next version of Netbeans IDE. Lastly, symfony achieved another remarkable milestone with its 13,000th changeset.

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Development highlights

  • r12864, r12868: [1.1, 1.2] added cache to symfony CLI
  • r12865: [1.2] added sfCompat10Plugin in excluded plugins when migrating (which was the case in symfony 1.1)
  • r12867: [1.1] added autoload cache to CLI
  • r12870: [1.2] fixed generator.yml doesn't handle object_actions configuration parameters correctly
  • r12871: [1.2] enhanced usability of the admin stylesheet: a link icon is now part of the link itself
  • r12873: [1.2] added CSS and JS support to sfWidgetFormDateRange widget
  • r12876: [1.2] Added a way to define default messages for required and invalid error codes in sfValidatorBase class
  • Completed milestone 1.2.0 Beta 2
  • r12920: [1.2] fixed symfony default CLI
  • r12949: [1.2] added .css for the default CSS in the default view.yml file
  • r12952: [1.2] fixed assumption plugin name can be determined using basename()
  • r12957, r12958: [1.0, 1.1] ordered fixtures by rsort
  • r12960: [1.2] added sfCompat10Plugin as an excluded plugin in the default skeleton
  • r12968: [1.2] fixed sfRoute tokenizer to ease extensions
  • r12969: [1.2] fixed URL generation when custom tokens have been defined
  • r12982: [1.2] added alt attributes to web debug toolbar icons to be xhtml valid
  • r12996, r12997: [1.1, 1.2] added a workaround to a PHP weird behavior where classes are not autoload within an Exception constructor
  • r13002: [1.2] removed the default route for symfony default module
  • r13018: [1.2] Fixed get Local / Remote Ip address from Request
  • r13023: [1.2] added basic implementation of select()/deselect() support to test browser for changing selection in check and radiobuttons
  • r13026: [1.2] fixed genUrl() when a relative URL (/foo/bar) is passed as an argument (it is possible because an internal URI cannot start with a / anymore since symfony 1.1)
  • r13028: [1.2] updated the default databases.yml in skeleton
  • r13029: [1.2] added some exception in sfObjectRoute when the method does not exist
  • r13035: [1.2] fixed the configure:database task for Propel 1.3
  • r13036: [1.2] fixed sandbox default database configuration
  • r13037: [1.2] reordered .sf creation in sandbox script
  • Updated dwhittle branch: implemented ArrayAccess for sfUser attributes, cleaned up phpdoc,
  • ...and many other changes

Development digest: 181 changesets, 59 defects created, 29 defects closed, 17 enhancements created, 10 enhancements closed, 9 documentation defects created, 4 documentation defects closed and 33 documentation edits.

Book and documentation



  • New plugins
    • vo2AdminGeneratorPlugin: brings the Admin Generator of symfony 1.1 to symfony 1.0
    • xsPasswordManagerPlugin: plugin for storing and managing passwords
    • sfCsvPlugin: easily read and write CSV files
    • sfFormButtonsPlugin: allows you to use button tags instead input ones in common template design cases
    • eCropPlugin: provides mechanism for croping images with GD library
    • sfErrorHandlerPlugin: provides error handling to rethrow PHP errors as sfExceptions, which rather than cause a white screen will now produce the 500 page in a prod env or a stack trace in dev env
  • Updated plugins
    • sfPropelPlugin:
      • [1.2] added hide feature to admin gen
      • [1.2] fixed sfFormPropel::saveFile() when a filename is provided
      • [1.2] added lv, el translations to the admin generator
      • [1.2] updated pt_br, da, de and fr translations for the admin generator
      • [1.2] ordered fixtures by rsort
      • [1.2] added a method_for_criteria option
    • sfDoctrinePlugin:
      • [1.2] fixed css load
      • [1.2] fix for saving nested forms
      • [1.2] fixed issue with sfDoctrineColumng::isNotNull() and notblank validator
      • [1.2] fixed web debug toolbar only shows prepared sql statements
      • [1.2] fixed sfDoctrineForm::saveFile() when a filename is provided
      • [1.2] committed update to tests for generated base models
      • [1.2] fixed location of BaseFormDoctrine in fixtures
      • Continued work on symfony + Doctrine book
      • [1.2] changing fromArray() to not be recursive/deep as the save embedded forms takes care of this for us now
      • [1.2] test coverage, updated sfFormDoctrine to be equal to sfFormPropel, fixed issue with i18n
    • sfDoctrineActAsTaggablePlugin: fixed two syntax errors in PluginTagTable, updated PluginTagTable
    • sfFormExtraPlugin: updated README, fixed IE problem when no image is provided
    • sfPhpunitPlugin: fixed problem with Doctrine Table test classes, fixed problem with some php installations when running testall
    • sfGuardExtraPlugin: started register implementation, fix password in email, add action and module parameter to mail, add register complete action, added more data for forgot password mail template
    • sfGuardPlugin: updated 1.2 admin generator, deleted base form filters (do not forget to rebuild your form filters), fixed sfGuardUserAdminForm::updateObject signature, fixed sfGuardUserForm
    • sfFeed2Plugin: fixed encoding test, added a new date test, fixed a problem with reading feed items according to correct timezone, fixed a timezone issue, updated package.xml info
    • sfJobQueuePlugin: created branch for symfony 1.1 and Propel 1.3 development, created StartQueue, ListQueue and StartQueueManager tasks, updated model and job queue manager, updated README, updated code to symfony 1.1
    • sfStatsPlugin: restructured the repository, ported the plugin to symfony 1.2, updated the js files of flot to version 0.5
    • sfMogileFSPlugin: added memcached caching of GET_PATHS command
    • sfDoctrineGuardPlugin: updated admin generators, tweaks to forms
    • ysfR3Plugin: performance improvements for translations
    • sfTaskExtraPlugin: fixed packaging of empty directories, added post_command hook to propel:build-model to insert model class for plugin logic, added test:plugin task
    • sfPropelSlotBehaviorPlugin: fixed a bug
    • sfDynamicCMSPlugin: pre-release (make plugin compatible with symfony 1.1 branch, little bugfix in 1.1 branch), fixed bugs concerning permission management and symfony 1.1 compatibility
    • sfLucenePlugin: removed temporary return
    • sfExtjsThemePlugin: backported some improvements from the dbfinder branch, fixes to the admin columns generator methods, fixes to the admin columns generator methods, fixed path problem with the base action include, reverted getColumnsForDisplay to old getColumnsGrouped until the rest of the bugs are worked out
    • sfI18NTranslatorPlugin: added logger and ajax response corrections
    • sfAssetsLibraryPlugin: fixed typo in _messages.php
    • sfSimpleCMS2Plugin: delete news from fixtures, delete sfSimpleNewsPlugin data from fixtures
    • sfErrorHandlerPlugin: fix so fatal_error_handler doesn't handle errors above 1024 (must make this configurable)
    • sfLanguageSwitchPlugin: removed 1.2 part from query array, made it 1.2 compatible, created new tag version 0.0.3, marked as stable

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