A week of symfony #99 (17->23 november 2008)

Symfony maintains its extraordinary development activity with more than 240 changesets and 75 bugfixes in just one week. The first release candidate of symfony 1.2 was released this week and 34 plugins were updated, mostly for repository reorganization and symfony 1.2 compatibility.

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Development highlights

  • r13051: [1.2] fixed project:freeze does not update symbolic links of default plugins in /web
  • r13052: [1.2] exclude the .svn folder from the sandbox files, which would appear there due to linking of core plugins
  • r13060: [1.2] added a sfForm::getName() method
  • r13074: [1.2] reverted request format auto-configuration based on the Accept header
  • r13078: [1.1, 1.2] fixed I18n code ignores sf_app_i18n_dir
  • r13082: [1.1, 1.2] fixed issue with embedded forms with a name that is a 0 integer
  • r13089: [1.2] added a renderer option for the admin generator list
  • r13090: [1.2] fixed getAllPluginPaths() to only look for plugins that end with Plugin
  • r13092: [1.2] fixed plugin:publish-assets is ignore the setting of ->disablePlugin(...)
  • r13097: [1.2] added support for conditional comments to stylesheets and javascripts
  • r13098: [1.0, 1.1, 1.2] fixed typo in autoload recursive setting
  • r13118: [1.1] fixed WebDebugLogger ignores sql queries with new lines
  • r13122, r13123: [1.1, 1.2] fixed weird cache with layout bug
  • r13124: [1.1] fixed i18n dirs are only extracted from first plugin found
  • Milestone 1.1.5 completed
  • r13127: [1.2] sfValidatorAnd and sfValidatorOr validators are now required by default to ensure a standard behavior
  • r13142: [1.2] fixed duplicate entry exceptions using sfPDOSessionStorage
  • r13184: [1.1] fixed php segfaults when big queries are logged in dev environment
  • r13196: [1.2] fixed plugin autoloading
  • r13212, r13213: [1.1, 1.2] fixed regular expression back reference bug on windows pathes like "symfony\1.2". fixes
  • Milestone 1.2.0 RC1 completed
  • r13247: [1.2] add __call() to sfTester to forward all unknown method to the browser object
  • r13277, r13278: [1.1, 1.2] fixed PHPDoc on sfValidatorDate
  • r13281: [1.2] made type of virtual fields configurable in generators
  • r13288: [1.2] removed the inability to override a route (really useful when using sfPropelRouteCollection)
  • Updated dwhittle branch
  • ...and many other changes

Development digest: 243 changesets, 69 defects created, 75 defects closed, 19 enhancements created, 24 enhancements closed, 11 documentation defects created, 8 documentation defects closed and 5 documentation edits.

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  • New plugins
    • dbFormExtraPlugin: includes some extra validators and widgets such as sfWidgetFormDateDynarch.class.php (default Date Picker used in sf 1.0 core) and sfWidgetFormColorPickerJQuery.class.php (jQuery Color Farbtastic)
    • gsImageProcessorPlugin: provides the ability to transform images in complex ways
    • sfEzcWorkflowPlugin: allows you to create workflow-driven applications on symfony projects
    • Upcoming plugin: sfDoctrineCrmPlugin
  • Updated plugins
    • sfPropelPlugin:
      • [1.2] added a way to customize the actions added on a form
      • [1.2] added a sfForm::getName() method
      • [1.2] updated YUI to 2.6.0
      • [1.2] fixed issue with admin generator and multi-part file forms
      • [1.2] fixed propel:build-schema task
      • [1.2] fixed indentation
      • [1.2] fixed image URLs in admin generator
      • [1.2] fixed propel autoload config
      • [1.2] fixed invalid assumption when loading propel map builders
      • [1.2] added files information when processing a form in the default propel generated module
      • [1.2] fixed typo in admin css
      • [migration] merged changes up to revision 13197
    • sfDoctrinePlugin:
      • [1.2] added a way to customize the actions added on a form
      • [1.2] added a sfForm::getName() method
      • [1.2] added hide feature to admin generator
      • [1.2] fixed --skip-forms for doctrine:build-all-reload
      • [1.2] fixed issue with admin generator and multi-part file forms
      • [1.2] fixes issue with m2m filters
      • [1.2] fixed indentation
      • [1.2] fixed image URLs in admin generator
      • [1.2] fixed issue with duplicate saving of related records
      • [1.2] fixed issue with doctrine filters
      • [1.2] fixed issue with admin generator routes
      • [1.2] syncing sfDoctrinePlugin with sfPropelPlugin - routing, admin generator, build forms tasks
      • [1.2] removed setListCriteria
    • sfErrorHandlerPlugin: released 1.0.2, 1.0.3 and 1.0.4 versions, added symfony 1.2 compatibility
    • sfCombinePlugin: enhanced cache to enable SuperCache
    • swToolboxPlugin: clonable option and value update in swWidgetFormInputCheckboxGroup, value update in swWidgetFormDoctineInputCheckboxGroup
    • sfSuperCachePlugin: added ability to serve pages with a specific content-type when check_lifetime is set to true
    • DbFinderPlugin: using Peer::getI18nModel() to retrieve related i18n class when available (i.e., with Propel 1.3), made the doc more explicit about is null and is not null syntax, fixed generator theme to allow full sf 1.1 compatibility (with sf_compat_10 on), released 1.0 stable version, reorganized plugin repository, fixed issue with two left joins, two with(), and missing objects in sfPropelFinder, allow for easier testing with sf 1.1, made caching tests pass under sf 1.1, fixed issue with setFlash() in admin generator theme (sf 1.1 compatibility)
    • sfAssetsLibraryPlugin: undo recent change to _messages.php, reorganized plugin repository, modified replace file function to make backup of original files, added div to templates for css styles, removed redundant stylesheet ref in templates, modified validate/createFolder.yml error message to be more accurate about allowed characters, added sanitizeName to rename function
    • sfDynamicCMSPlugin: added compatibility with Symfony 1.1, 1.2 & propel 1.3, pre-release 0.3.9 (bugfixes & refactoring), pre-release 0.3.10 (bugfix, refactoring, improve admin interface, add frontend toolbar component)
    • xsPasswordManagerPlugin: initial import, ignored om and map propel directories
    • sfPropelSlotBehaviorPlugin: small bugfix, updated README
    • sfDoctrineNestedSetManagerPlugin: reordered subversion layout, updated the LICENSE and the package.xml files, added symfony 1.2 compatibility, added a helpful note in the README about using this as a helper
    • sfDoctrineGuardPlugin: fixed not all forms are bundled with sfDoctrineGuardPlugin
    • sfI18NTranslatorPlugin: modified styles, hide toolbar on startup
    • sfJobQueuePlugin: first attempt to adapt this plugin to sf 1.2
    • sfControlPanelPlugin: reorganized plugin repository
    • sfModerationPlugin: reorganized plugin repository
    • sfPagerNavigationPlugin: reorganized plugin repository
    • sfPropelActAsSortableBehaviorPlugin: reorganized plugin repository
    • sfPropelSpamTagBehaviorPlugin: reorganized plugin repository
    • sfSimpleBlogPlugin: reorganized plugin repository
    • sfSimpleCMSPlugin: reorganized plugin repository
    • sfSpyPlugin: reorganized plugin repository
    • sfUJSPlugin: reorganized plugin repository
    • sfWebBrowserPlugin: reorganized plugin repository
    • ckWebServicePlugin: rewritten README to reflect the changes in the next release, updated package.xml for 2.2.0 release, fixed several bugs and typos, updated regex patterns in the ckDocBlockParser, updated package.xml for 2.2.1 release, updated README, added folders for annotation framework support, added first draft for soapTestBrowser solution, added ckTestSoapClient to provide similiar functionality for symfony webservice testing as sfTestBrowser
    • ysfYUIPlugin: fixed debug toolbar opactity in ie
    • sfExtjsThemePlugin: removed legacy executeDelete method and changed executeAjaxDelete to executeDelete
    • sfSimpleCMS2Plugin: fixed fixtures data, config settings fix, added missing files, fixed some bugs, template fixes, new default settings
    • sfLucenePlugin: forgot to set table alias after free
    • sfPropelImpersonatorPlugin: added 'ID' as default field id in getJoinForCulture parameters
    • isicsWidgetFormTinyMCEPlugin: added gzip capabilities
    • sfImageTransformPlugin: added support for symfony 1.1, tidying up class, added support for MIME detection
    • sfDoctrineActAsTaggablePlugin: added ability to specify a PHP method to change tag case

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