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A week of symfony #191 (23->29 August 2010)

Symfony2 added this week the new ControllerInterface and BaseController classes. The profiler was refactored and the web development toolbar was temporally removed (it will be included in the upcoming WebProfilerBundle). Lastly, the exception management was refactored once more and the event listeners added a new priority parameter.

Symfony Day 2010

After a very successful event last year, Interlutions have decided to organize the SymfonyDay event again this year. People who were there last year (126 in total from 6 different countries) can testify the conference was excellent, both the location and the schedule being very good. This year, the setup for the conference is the same, except for the location, which is now bigger and better suited than last year's awesome location.

A week of symfony #190 (16->22 August 2010)

This week, Symfony2 development focused on the logger and the refactorization of exception management. Moreover, template helpers modified their syntax and, by popular demand, Symfony\Components namespace was renamed to Symfony\Component. Lastly, Symfony2 was introduced to the phpBB community at the Libertyvasion conference that took place this week on New York.

A week of symfony #189 (9->15 August 2010)

Symfony2 development continued this week its accelerated pace: the controller resolver was refactorized, the bootstrap file was updated, bundle's interface was modified and the applications default configuration was updated.

A beginner's Journey with Symfony

The case study this time is by Tom Dibaja, a new user of symfony. In his case study, he describes how easy it was for him, being an enterpreneur and not necessarily a developer, to pick up symfony for the development of one of his websites.

A week of symfony #188 (2->8 August 2010)

Despite being mid-summer, symfony development never stops. This week, Symfony2 fixed several DoctrineBundle bugs, updated/simplified all of its PHPdoc and renamed annotation to tag in the DependencyInjection Container.

A week of symfony #187 (26 July -> 1 August 2010)

Doctrine Bundle focused most of the Symfony2 development activity this week. In addition, symfony 1.x branches switched from Doctrine to Doctrine_Core in their ORM plugins. Meanwhile, Symfony2 documentation dropped markdown in favor of reStructuredText for its markup. Lastly, symfony project is looking for translators to help translating Symfony2 documentation.