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A week of symfony #213 (24->30 January 2011)

Symfony2 achieved this week a remarkable milestone: more than 500 pull requests have been submitted by tens of developers around the world. In addition, Symfony2 added some cool new features, such as a cache warmer to improve performance, definition inheritance support for DIC and a complete refactorization of the CSRF protection. Lastly, three new sessions were unveiled for the Symfony Live conferences.

Symfony Live Conferences Updates

The one where I announce more great sessions for the Symfony Live Conferences.

Symfony Live 2011 - San Francisco Edition

The first Symfony Live conference in the US is in less than two weeks.

Symfony2 hackday hub

There will be two days of hacking on Symfony2 at the Symfony Live conference in San Francisco on February 5th/6th. Liip wants to make sure Europe doesn't miss out on the fun!

A week of symfony #212 (17->23 January 2011)

This week, Symfony2 PR5 was released and the definitive roadmap for Symfony2 was laid out. Meanwhile, the activity of the developers mailing list skyrocketed with tens of messages openly discussing every important feature of Symfony2. As a result of these discussions, the bundle management was completely refactored.

Apostrophe 1.5 released

Read release notes

Symfony2 PR5 released

Read release notes

Stabilizing Symfony2

Do you want to help stabilizing Symfony2? Read on then...

A week of symfony #211 (10->16 January 2011)

Symfony2 introduced this week some minor but profound refactorings: the routing component adopted URI template notation, bundles changed their names to be the class name of the bundle not the last part of the namespace and templates name format changed to bundle:section:template.renderer.format (both the renderer and the format are mandatory). Meanwhile, the Symfony2 donation drive to fund code security audits was an astonishing success.

Symfony2 Donation Drive

If you're keeping track of symfony for the past years you know that symfony has an excellent track record as it comes to security. Where security is important for Open Source applications, it is possibly even more so important for a framework, because when an issue is found in a framework there may not just be a single point that can be abused, but the hole might be present throughout the application built on top of this framework.

A week of symfony #210 (3->9 January 2011)

Symfony2 repository received this week a massive amount of commits, mostly on Twig, Form, Security and Doctrine components. Twig bundle was heavily refactored to match the important changes introduced in Twig 1.0 RC1, which was also published this week. Security component added a brand-new ACL system and Form component added support for virtual field groups and a FieldFactory mechanism to automatically create fields by introspecting metadata of a class. Meanwhile, in the last weekly IRC meeting, Fabien unveiled some interesting information about Symfony2, including a new way to handle web assests and the expected roadmap until its final release.

Symfony Live Conferences Schedule

Symfony Live 2011 Conferences schedule announced.

A week of symfony #209 (27 December 2010 -> 2 January 2011)

This week marks the start of what could be the most important year of the symfony project history. For starters, in less than three months' time, Symfony2 will be published and two official symfony conferences will be held at Paris and San Francisco. Therefore, symfony project wishes a very happy new year to all its supporters and developers.