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New in Symfony 3.2: Added support for XPath expressions

Symfony 3.2 improved XPath integration by adding support to evaluate XPath expressions. This means that you can perform advanced preprocessing of the information obtained via XPath to simplify the code of your tests.

A week of symfony #504 (22-28 August 2016)

This week Symfony development activity focused on small code refactorings, such as providing forward compatibility with PHP 7.2, and minor improvements related to DX (developer experience). Meanwhile, the upcoming Symfony 3.2 version started to use relative paths in template paths cache and improved the profiler to automatically expand the form nodes that contains children with errors.

SymfonyLive London 2016 is in 3 weeks!

Only 21 days before SymfonyLive London conference, check out the latest news of the event!

A week of symfony #503 (15-21 August 2016)

This week, the VarDumper component added a new feature to partially dump the cloned data structures. In addition, PHP error handling was greatly improved for Symfony applications: a new config option was added to log/throw all PHP errors; these PHP errors will now trigger an exception in all cases; the formatting of the exceptions in the web debug toolbar was improved, etc. Lastly, the Symfony Core Team added a new member: Grégoire Pineau, known as @lyrixx on GitHub.

New Symfony Core Team Member: Grégoire Pineau

It's my great pleasure to announce that Grégoire Pineau (lyrixx on the Internet) is joining the Symfony Core Team.

A week of symfony #502 (8-14 August 2016)

This week, the upcoming Symfony 3.2 version deprecated the use of duplicate keys in YAML files, removed the proposed TaggedCacheItemInterface in the Cache component and improved the AccessDeniedException by exposing the required roles.

We're sorry to announce the cancellation of the SymfonyLive Chicago 2016

After much pained reflection, we're announcing the cancellation of the upcoming SymfonyLive conference in the USA on October 13th and 14th.

A week of symfony #501 (1-7 August 2016)

This week, Symfony development activity focused on small tweaks and fixes. One of those tweaks fixed double-fread() when reading UNIX pipes leading to a massive reduction of function calls when executing "composer install". Meanwhile, the DomCrawler component added support for XPath expression evaluation.