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CFP and CFT for SymfonyLive Online conferences end next week

During the first semester of 2021, we’ll happily meet you online for several conferences, in dedicated languages:

Call for Papers and Call for Trainers for all SymfonyLive Online 2021 conferences end next week, on February 1st 2021, and Call for Papers and Call for Trainers for SymfonyWorld 2021 is open until February 15th 2021, send in your talk and workshop proposals now!

Being a speaker or a trainer of any Online Symfony conference means that you’ll receive your free ticket to attend the conference and your speaker package gift! We also provide the material for your online talk or workshop, meaning that we’ll send you a camera and a mic if yours are not good enough to record your talk or deliver your workshop! Speaking of recording, we are pre-recording all talks to enable a smooth conference experience. Having the talks pre-recorded prevent us from any sound, image or technical issues during the conference. It also enables us to add subtitles to all talks making sure you can fully understand our speakers and being inclusive with everyone. Plus, it will also save us time in the editing of videos. All talks will be ready for replay! Last but not least, if you never spoke at a conference before, you'll be able to organize rehearsals with a mentor and be stress-free during the conference as your talk will be ready! It's the best opportunity to jump in and become a speaker!

The Diversity Initiative can also help you with your talk. There is a #diversity Slack channel but also a #speaker-mentoring channel. If you need feedback from experienced speakers or other people just starting out their speaking career, come by and say “hi”. Read the last Diversity Update blog post for more information.

Since your talk will be pre-recorded, you'll be available online to answer questions during or at the end of your talk in the track chat! This way, it's very easy to interact or network with our attendees! For trainers, workshops won't be pre-recorded neither recorded.

Send in now your talk and workshop proposals:

Become a Speaker or Trainer at our upcoming Online Symfony conferences!

Help the Symfony project!

As with any Open-Source project, contributing code or documentation is the most common way to help, but we also have a wide range of sponsoring opportunities.

CFP and CFT for SymfonyLive Online conferences end next week

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