First Online Symfony Community Hack Day: July 5th!

Hey again guys!

Last week, I talked about the Symfony Experience, and announced a new Developer Experience Initiative. A lot of you have already started to create issues on the Symfony core and other bundles about ways that we can make Symfony even better to use and how we can make common problems even easier to solve. That's awesome.

And now it's time to put our ideas into action, with the first community hack day on July 5th. This hack day is for everyone and we'll focus on tasks from all around the Symfony world: the core code and third party bundles. This is our chance to really push on things that never quite get done as well as they could: third party bundle documentation, exception messages, shortcuts, etc.

So we need you: to continue to report issues on all parts of Symfony where your life could have been easier or where documentation could have been clearer. And we need you also to show up in big numbers on July 5th to make this first community hack day a huge success!

Here are the details:


July 5th from 9am to 8pm Central European Time (3am to 2pm Eastern Standard Time)


We'll meet on IRC at #symfony on Freenode


Hosts weaverryan and javiereguiluz along with you and all of our friends in the Symfony community. Everyone is invited to the hack day. If you are a Symfony expert, we need you! If you are a newcomer and want to learn how to contribute, this is a great opportunity! Newcomers also give us a fresh perspective on what the best experience would be when trying to solve a problem :).

Then What?

Either Javier or I will help make sure you have something to do! Our focus will be:

a) Creating pull requests for a list of DX issues (we'll summarize all the issues we know of before the hack day);

b) Identifying new potential DX issues and creating tickets for them;

c) Identifying other 3rd party bundles that we all use that might need some DX help!

What else!

Well, you can start right now by noticing when a task is too difficult or not clear and create a new DX issue!

And if you have any questions, thoughts or suggestions about any of this, just drop a comment below! If you maintain a 3rd-party bundle and want some help, just create some issues on your repository, tag them with DX, and we'll find them.


Help the Symfony project!

As with any Open-Source project, contributing code or documentation is the most common way to help, but we also have a wide range of sponsoring opportunities.

First Online Symfony Community Hack Day: July 5th!

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