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Free webinar on "SymfonyInsight and how to set up quality processes with Symfony", on July 9th 2020, 4 PM UTC

Ensuring the quality of a software project over time is a difficult and high-stakes challenge, whether you are a company or not. Year after year, pitfall after pitfall, Symfony has set up different tools and quality processes allowing applications based on the framework to use them (design patterns, semantic versioning, continuous update path, ...). SymfonyInsight, the application analysis tool developed by Symfony, can help you to ensure compliance with these quality processes.

Titouan Galopin, SymfonyInsight Product Manager, will teach you on July 9th 2020 how to set up quality processes with Symfony and how to architect a Symfony application to help its maintenance. You will see what is crucial to the success of a project beyond the code. SymfonyInsight brings the most advanced analysis of Symfony projects. Based on our experience building Symfony, we established a list of 110 control points to make sure an application is safe, reliable and maintainable.

You’re not yet familiar with SymfonyInsight? This is the perfect occasion to understand how it works to ensure the quality of your Symfony projects. Get rid of your critical problems and reduce your technical debt.

Join us for this free webinar on July 9th 2020, 4PM UTC, register now! The webinar will last about 45 min to 1 hour. Registration is mandatory to attend the webinar.

See you soon online!

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Free webinar on "SymfonyInsight and how to set up quality processes with Symfony", on July 9th 2020, 4 PM UTC

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