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All Symfony online conferences offer 2 days of online pre-conference workshops in English or French. We now offer workshops only tickets so you can only attend the workshop sessions. As you can attend any workshop, here is the list of the upcoming online workshops we organize and their sessions. Pick yours and attend the conference in the language you’re interested in, or you can just attend the workshops! Get trained on:

Mastering OOP & Design Patterns (2-day workshop)

Object Oriented Programming (OOP) goes beyond the design of classes and interfaces. It includes a wide variety of concepts such as objects, entities, value objects, services, design models, SOLID principles, calisthenics, coupling, etc. Mastering OOP often requires several years of experience. This workshop will help you to better understand all these concepts in order to write more maintainable, robust and testable object-oriented code. You will also discover techniques to reduce the complexity of your code and make your classes more specific and therefore simpler. You will also learn how to recognize and exploit the power of design models (factory, adapter, composite, decorator, mediator, strategy, etc.).

Symfony 5: the fast track (2-day workshop)

This training is from the book "Symfony 5: The Fast Track" by Fabien Potencier. During 2 days, you will learn how to build a Symfony application from A to Z using new practices and new components. For those who are new to Symfony, this training is an opportunity to discover a range of capabilities to leverage. For the more experienced ones, the Symfony 4 development cycle changes the game. This training will be useful for them to refresh their knowledge and gain in efficiency from day to day. We will build an application with all the infrastructure of modern apps: database, application and HTTP cache server, message bus for background processing, APIs and SPAs, etc. On the menu: Flex, Mailer, Notifier, Workflow, Messenger, API Platform, HttpClient, String, Webpack Encore, etc.

Building modular and interactive applications with Symfony UX (1-day workshop)

In December 2020, Symfony unveiled a new tool: Symfony UX. This workshop will introduce you to Symfony UX and the tools it relies on: Webpack Encore, Stimulus, Jest and Testing Library. We will discover how to build modular and interactive interfaces using small reusable JavaScript components that can be easily tested automatically. We will also discover how to rely on Symfony UX and Swup to build advanced User Experiences using the micro-frontends approach. Finally, we will discuss a little bit about React and how it can be used inside of your Symfony UX applications to increase even more its capabilities.

Profiling Symfony & PHP apps (1-day workshop)

It is difficult to improve what is not measurable! Profiling an application should always be the first step in trying to improve its performance. With this workshop, learn how to identify performance issues in your application and adopt the best profiling practices in your daily development habits. This workshop will use the tool to help you identify performance leaks.

API development with API Platform (1-day workshop)

After an overview of the modern API models and formats (REST, Swagger, Hypermedia, HATEOAS, JSON-LD, Hydra,, GraphQL...), we will learn how to use and extend the most popular features of the component: Swagger documentation, pagination, validation, sorting, filtering, authentication, authorization, content negotiation, data model generation using vocabulary. Finally, we will discover how easy it is to use the client-side toolbox (JavaScript).

Here are the upcoming online sessions for all the workshops, organized at Paris time from 9:45 am to 5:40 pm:

You will either attend two different one-day workshop or a two-day workshop. If you choose two different one-day workshops, you'll be able to create your own personalized workshop combo. Each workshop will be organized via Zoom, in a dedicated room.

Seats are limited so book your workshop tickets soon!

As the workshops will be online, it is very important to have the required setup per workshop topic on your computer before attending the workshop. You will receive an email with all the information you need to set up your computer a week prior to the workshops. Workshops won't be recorded.

See you there!

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