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New rule emphasizing the importance of SOLID principles

SymfonyInsight's main aim is to help you manage and increase the quality of your applications. A great way to achieve this is to follow good practices and standards, both from Symfony and from programming in general.

One of these good practices is to follow the SOLID principles, a famous set of concepts which help developers create high quality software architectures. Following the SOLID principles brings many advantages to your projects:

  • it decouples your logic in multiple independent components which you can easily unit test;
  • it eases migration by avoiding your project to be tightly linked to its dependencies;
  • it helps newcomers understand the most important parts of your project by exposing only the necessary public API;

This new rule detects when you could have used the SOLID principles in the context of Symfony by providing interfaces you could have used instead of implementations. This will also help you migrate to Symfony 4 if you need to, as several new features of Symfony 4 are depending on the usage of SOLID principles.

SymfonyInsight Typehint Rule

Read more about this rule on its dedicated documentation page.

And as always, feel free to contact us if you have any question or feedback!

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New rule emphasizing the importance of SOLID principles

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