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New stable release: upgrade to symfony 0.4.2

The last month has been quite active for symfony. If you followed the timeline, you might have seen numerous bug corrections and enhancements to the framework, including:

  • better Ajax support (prototype and
  • many symfony generators enhancements (including support for primary keys not named id, foreign keys, multi-primary keys, post links and confirmation for delete links)
  • dev environment is much faster
  • better debug sidebar
  • better i18n support (variable substitution)
  • lot a small fixes for Windows users (extended IIS support)
  • support for non virtual host configurations (alias, etc.)
  • automatic support for created_at and updated_at columns (Propel + generator)
  • rich text support (tinymce) for textarea_tag helper
  • new configurable suffix by route (with directory and no suffix support)
  • enforced one URL for one ressource

All these are available in the new 0.4.2 stable release. To update your symfony installation, type:

pear upgrade symfony/symfony

Don't forget to clear the cache of all your projects by calling in each of them:

symfony cc

Note: the default suffix was changed from from .html to .. As it might break backward compatibility, refer to the routing chapter of the documentation.

Note: for the users of the beta version, the 0.4.2 is equivalent to the 0.5.116. You can keep on using nightly builds.

Help the Symfony project!

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