phpBB Libertyvasion Conference

The Libertyvasion Conference will consist of two days (August 20 and 21 2010), spread out in a workshop day and a main conference day. During the workshop day, the morning will consist of four talks introducing the technologies with which the phpBB development team is going to work on the next version: David Soria Parra will introduce Git, Stefan Koopmanschap will inform people of how the symfony and phpBB communities can benefit from eachother and enhance eachother, Fabien Potencier will go deeper in Symfony 2 and Jonathan Wage will speak about Doctrine 2. After lunch, attendees will be able to work on either things related to the current version of phpBB, some work on the new version of phpBB or just dive into the newly introduced technologies with the help of David, Stefan, Fabien and Jonathan and the phpBB team.

The main conference day will contain several talks related to phpBB and communities, a phpBB Team Discussion Panel but also a special talk by Fabien Potencier on "Building phpBB 4 on Symfony 2", which will go into what impact using Symfony 2 will have on the phpBB team, but also community contributions and users. It will show how Symfony 2 can be used to build a brand new forum package that utilizes state of the art PHP technology. The day will be closed by a social event.

If you are interested in symfony, phpBB and/or both this event will definitely be worth attending! Registration is open now, and tickets to the main conference day are only $20 with an additional $100 if you would also like to attend the workshop day.

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