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symfony 1.4.16 released

symfony 1.4.16 has just been released.

Here are the changes from the CHANGELOG:

  • [33251] fixed sfChoiceFormat when a string to translate contains a valid range (closes #9973)
  • [33250] fixed saving i18n fields in subforms (closes #7626, patch from yoshy71)
  • [33249] fixed last modified date calculation in sfMessageSource_Aggregate (closes #9981, patch from jamiel)
  • [33226] fixed merging problem for the routing configuration (closes #8348)
  • [33214] fixed ob_start() behavior on CLI (closes #9970)
  • [33208] fixed ob_start usage (to avoid warning in PHP 5.4, closes #9970)

If you've checked out a copy of the tag from Subversion you can switch to the latest version:

$ svn switch

If you are using the PEAR package you can update using the pear command:

$ pear upgrade symfony/symfony-1.4.16

And as always, don't forget to clear your cache after upgrading.

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svn switch

svn: Repository UUID 'ee427ae8-e902-0410-961c-c3ed070cd9f9' doesn't match expected UUID '50db0784-11fb-4d86-9b58-83cfc55c2f09'

I had the same issue going from 1_4_14 to _15. I had successful updates from 1_4_3 to 1_4_15 where it started to fail. I guess the repository changed maybe? Is there a work-around?
I recently switched to the github repository, since my entire project is in git and it was easy to use it as a git submodule.
So, is there any indication when this new version is "published" on github? (I don't know what the release strategy is).
@Salim: It's better to set your symfony vendor directory as an SVN external in your project

@Grad: You have all the releases listed in this blog category:
@Grad: The 1.4.16 release is now on github, and now includes the "test/" folder. Sorry for the delay.

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