Symfony 4.4.12 released

Symfony 4.4.12 has just been released. Here is a list of the most important changes:

  • bug #37966 [HttpClient][MockHttpClient][DX] Throw when the response factory callable does not return a valid response (@fancyweb)
  • bug #37971 [PropertyInfo] Backport support for typed properties (PHP 7.4) (@dunglas)
  • bug #37970 [PhpUnitBridge] Polyfill new phpunit 9.1 assertions (@phpfour)
  • bug #37960 [PhpUnit] Add polyfill for assertMatchesRegularExpression() (@dunglas)
  • bug #37949 [Yaml] fix more numeric cases changing in PHP 8 (@xabbuh)
  • bug #37921 [Yaml] account for i _numeric() behavior changes in PHP 8 (@xabbuh)
  • bug #37912 [ExpressionLanguage] fix passing arguments to cal _use _fun _array() on PHP 8 (@xabbuh)
  • bug #37907 [Messenger] stop using the deprecated schema synchronizer API (@xabbuh)
  • bug #37900 [Mailer] Fixed mandrill api header structure (@wulff)
  • bug #37888 [Mailer] Reorder headers used to determine Sender (@cvmiert)
  • bug #37872 [Sendgrid-Mailer] Fixed envelope recipients on sendgridApiTransport (@arendjantetteroo)
  • bug #37860 [Serializer][ClassDiscriminatorMapping] Fix getMappedObjectType() when a discriminator child extends another one (@fancyweb)
  • bug #37853 [Validator] ensure that the validator is a mock object for backwards-compatibility (@xabbuh)
  • bug #36340 [Serializer] Fix configuration of the cache key (@dunglas)
  • bug #36810 [Messenger] Do not stack retry stamp (@jderusse)
  • bug #37849 [FrameworkBundle] Add missing mailer transports in xsd (@l-vo)
  • bug #37586 [ErrorHandler][DebugClassLoader] Add mixed and static return types support (@fancyweb)
  • bug #37845 [Serializer] Fix variadic support when using type hints (@fabpot)
  • bug #37841 [VarDumper] Backport handler lock when using VA _DUMPE _FORMAT (@ogizanagi)
  • bug #37725 [Form] Fix Guess phpdoc return type (@franmomu)
  • bug #37771 Use PHPUnit 9.3 on php 8 (@derrabus)
  • bug #36140 [Validator] Add BC layer for notInRangeMessage when min and max are set (@l-vo)
  • bug #35843 [Validator] Add target guards for Composite nested constraints (@ogizanagi)
  • bug #37803 Fix for issue #37681 (@Rav)
  • bug #37744 [Yaml] Fix for #36624; Allow PHP constant as first key in block (@jnye)
  • bug #37767 [Form] fix mapping errors from unmapped forms (@xabbuh)
  • bug #37731 [Console] Table: support cells with newlines after a cell with colspan >= 2 (@GMTA)
  • bug #37791 Fix redis connect with empty password (@alexander-schranz)
  • bug #37790 Fix deprecated libxm _disabl _entit _loader (@fabpot)
  • bug #37763 Fix deprecated libxm _disabl _entit _loader (@jderusse)
  • bug #37774 [Console] Make sure we pass a numeric array of arguments to cal _use _fun _array() (@derrabus)
  • bug #37729 [FrameworkBundle] fail properly when the required service is not defined (@xabbuh)
  • bug #37701 [Serializer] Fix that it will never reach DOMNode (@TNAJanssen)
  • bug #37671 [Cache] fix saving no-expiry items with ArrayAdapter (@philipp-kolesnikov)
  • bug #37102 [WebProfilerBundle] Fix error with custom function and web profiler routing tab (@JakeFr)
  • bug #37560 [Finder] Fix GitIgnore parser when dealing with (sub)directories and take order of lines into account (@Jeroeny)
  • bug #37700 [VarDumper] Improve previous fix on light array coloration (@l-vo)
  • bug #37705 [Mailer] Added the missing reset tag to mailer.logge _messag _listener (@vudaltsov)
  • bug #37697 [Messenger] reduce column length for MySQL 5.6 compatibility (@xabbuh)

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