Symfony 5.0.5 released

Warning: Symfony 5.0 is no longer supported. Consider upgrading your applications to the most recent Symfony version.

Symfony 5.0.5 has just been released. Here is a list of the most important changes:

  • bug #35781 [Form] NumberToLocalizedStringTransformer return int if scale = 0 (@VincentLanglet)
  • bug #35846 [Serializer] prevent method calls on null values (@xabbuh)
  • bug #35897 [FrameworkBundle] add missing Messenger options to XML schema definition (@xabbuh)
  • bug #35870 [ErrorHandler] fix parsing static return type on interface method annotation (@alekitto)
  • bug #35839 [Security] Allow switching to another user when already switched (@chalasr)
  • bug #35851 [DoctrineBridge] Use new Types:: constants and support new json types (@fancyweb)
  • bug #35841 [Notifier] Dispatch message event in null transport (@jschaedl)
  • bug #35716 [PhpUnitBridge] Fix compatibility to PHPUnit 9 (@Benjamin)
  • bug #35803 [Cache] Fix versioned namespace atomic clears (@trvrnrth)
  • bug #35817 [DoctrineBridge] Use new Types:: constants and support new json type (@fancyweb)
  • bug #35832 [Debug][ErrorHandler] improved deprecation notices for methods new args and return type (@HeahDude)
  • bug #35827 [BrowserKit] Nested file array prevents uploading file (@afilina)
  • bug #35826 [Notifier] Add correct tags for NullTransportFactory (@jschaedl)
  • bug #35830 [FrameworkBundle] Skip notifiers tags in UnusedTagsPass (@chalasr)
  • bug #35707 [ExpressionLanguage] Fixed collisions of character operators with object properties (@Andrej-in-ua)
  • bug #35794 [DoctrineBridge][DoctrineExtractor] Fix indexBy with custom and some core types (@fancyweb)
  • bug #35787 [PhpUnitBridge] Use trait instead of extending deprecated class (@marcello-moenkemeyer)
  • bug #35792 [Security] Prevent TypeError in case RememberMetoken has no attached user (@nikophil)
  • bug #35735 [Routing] Add locale requirement for localized routes (@mtarld)
  • bug #35772 [Config] don't throw on missing excluded paths (@nicolas-grekas)
  • bug #35774 [Ldap] force default network timeout (@nicolas-grekas)
  • bug #35702 [VarDumper] fixed DateCaster not displaying additional fields (@Makdessi Alex)
  • bug #35722 [HttpKernel] Set previous exception when rethrown from controller resolver (@danut007ro)
  • bug #35714 [HttpClient] Correctly remove trace level options for HttpCache (@aschempp)
  • bug #35718 [HttpKernel] fix registering DebugHandlersListener regardless of the PH _SAPI (@nicolas-grekas)
  • bug #35728 Add missing autoload calls (@greg0ire)
  • bug #35693 [Finder] Fix unix root dir issue (@chr-hertel)
  • bug #35709 [HttpFoundation] fix not sending Content-Type header for 204 responses (@Tobion)
  • bug #35710 [ErrorHandler] silence warning when zend.assertions=-1 (@nicolas-grekas)
  • bug #35676 [Console] Handle zero row count in appendRow() for Table (@Adam Prickett)
  • bug #35696 [Console] Don't load same-namespace alternatives on exact match (@chalasr)
  • bug #35674 [HttpClient] fix getting response content after its destructor throwed an HttpExceptionInterface (@nicolas-grekas)
  • bug #35672 [HttpClient] fix HttpClientDataCollector when handling canceled responses (@thematchless)
  • bug #35641 [Process] throw when PhpProcess::fromShellCommandLine() is used (@Guikingone)
  • bug #35645 [ErrorHandler] Never throw on warnings triggered by assert() and set assert.exception=1 in Debug::enable() (@nicolas-grekas)
  • bug #35633 [Mailer] Do not ping the SMTP server before sending every message (@micheh)
  • bug #33897 [Console] Consider STDIN interactive (@ostrolucky)
  • bug #35605 [HttpFoundation][FrameworkBundle] fix support for samesite in session cookies (@fabpot)
  • bug #35609 [DoctrineBridge] Fixed submitting ids with query limit or offset (@HeahDude)
  • bug #35616 [Workflow] Make method signature compatible with 4.4 (@pbowyer)
  • bug #35597 [PHPunit bridge] Provide current file as file path (@greg0ire)
  • bug #33960 [DI] Unknown env prefix not recognized as such (@ro0NL)
  • bug #35342 [DI] Fix support for multiple tags for locators and iterators (@Alexandre Parent)
  • bug #33820 [PhpUnitBridge] Fix some errors when using serialized deprecations (@l-vo)
  • bug #35553 Fix HTTP client config handling (@julienfalque)
  • bug #35588 [ErrorHandler] Escape variable in Exception template (@jderusse)
  • bug #35583 Add missing use statements (@fabpot)
  • bug #35582 Missing use statement 4.4 (@fabpot)
  • bug #34123 [Form] Fix handling of empt _data's Closure value in Date/Time form types (@yceruto)
  • bug #35537 [Config][XmlReferenceDumper] Prevent potential TypeError (@fancyweb)
  • bug #35227 [Mailer] Fix broken mandrill http send for recipients with names (@vilius-g)
  • bug #35430 [Translation] prefer intl domain when adding messages to catalogue (@Guite)
  • bug #35497 Fail on empty password verification (without warning on any implementation) (@Stefan Kruppa)
  • bug #35546 [Validator] check for get method existence if property is uninitialized (@alekitto)
  • bug #35332 [Yaml][Inline] Fail properly on empty object tag and empty const tag (@fancyweb)
  • bug #35489 [PhpUnitBridge] Fix running skipped tests expecting only deprecations (@chalasr)
  • bug #35161 [FrameworkBundle] Check non-null type for numeric type (@Arman-Hosseini)
  • bug #34059 [DomCrawler] Skip disabled fields processing in Form (@sbogx)
  • bug #34114 [Console] SymonfyStyle - Check value isset to avoid PHP notice (@leevigraham)
  • bug #35557 [Config] dont catch instances of Error (@nicolas-grekas)
  • bug #35562 [HttpClient] fix HttpClientDataCollector when handling canceled responses (@nicolas-grekas)

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