Symfony 5.2.0-BETA2 released

Warning: Symfony 5.2 is no longer supported. Consider upgrading your applications to the most recent Symfony version.

Symfony 5.2.0-BETA2 has just been released. Here is a list of the most important changes:

  • feature #38552 [Security][Notifier] Added integration of Login Link with the Notifier component (@wouterj)
  • bug #38566 Fix minor issue when sharing windows between Limiters (@Nyholm)
  • feature #38563 [Messenger][Redis] Adding support for lazy connect (@Nyholm)
  • bug #38553 [Lock] Reset Key lifetime time before we acquire it (@Nyholm)
  • bug #38559 [Lock] Reset lifetime on acquireRead() (@Nyholm)
  • bug #38548 [FrameworkBundle] Bugfixes in buildDir in the CacheClear command (@Nyholm)
  • bug #38551 Remove content-type check on toArray methods (@jderusse)
  • feature #38550 [Security] Added chec _pos _only to the login link authenticator (@wouterj)
  • bug #38546 [String] fix “is too large” ValueError on PHP 8 (@nicolas-grekas)
  • bug #38544 [DI] fix dumping env vars (@nicolas-grekas)
  • feature #38532 [HttpClient] simplify retry mechanism around RetryStrategyInterface (@nicolas-grekas)
  • bug #38533 [TwigBridge] Fix preload hint and remove “unlinked class class@anonymous” warning (@burned42)
  • bug #38528 [Security] Making login link signatur _properties option required (@weaverryan)
  • feature #38525 [Serializer] Enabled mapping configuration via attributes (@derrabus)
  • feature #38522 [Notifier ] Add Discord notifier (@mpiot, @connorhu)
  • bug #38477 [Form] fix ViolationMapper was always generating a localized label for each FormType (@romaricdrigon)
  • bug #38529 [Mailer] Fix mailjet image embedding (@Sandldan)
  • bug #38530 [HttpClient] fix reading the body after a ClientException (@nicolas-grekas)
  • bug #38523 [HttpClient] Fix multiple timeout with multiple retry (@jderusse)
  • bug #38520 [HttpClient] Fix nesteed stream in AsyncResponse (@jderusse)
  • bug #38518 [HttpClient] fix decorating timeout errors (@nicolas-grekas)
  • feature #38499 [Validator] Upgraded constraints to enable named arguments and attributes (@derrabus)
  • feature #38505 [Security][Login Link] Allow null and DateTime objects to be used as signatureProperties (@wouterj)
  • bug #38507 [Bug] Fix RateLimiter framework configuration (@bobvandevijver)
  • bug #38510 [PropertyInfo] Support for the mixed type (@derrabus)
  • bug #38493 [HttpClient] Fix CurlHttpClient memory leak (@HypeMC)
  • feature #38484 [Messenger] Add DelayStamp::delayFor() and DelayStamp::delayUntil() (@Nyholm)
  • bug #38476 [HttpClient] Fix missing abstract arg (@jderusse)
  • feature #37733 [PhpUnitBridge] Add ability to set a baseline for deprecation testing (@alexpott)
  • bug #38456 [Cache] skip igbinary < 3.1.6 (@nicolas-grekas)
  • bug #38453 [lock] Mark Key unserializable whith PgsqlStore (@jderusse)
  • bug #38452 [SecurityBundle] Make user lazy loading working without user provider (@tyx)
  • bug #38455 [Form] Fix fiel _value Twig helper for multiple choices (@tgalopin)
  • bug #38392 [Ldap] Bypass the use of lda _contro _page _result on PHP >= 7.3 (@lucasaba)
  • feature #38434 [HttpClient] Add jitter to RetryBackoff (@jderusse)
  • feature #38346 [lock] Add store dedicated to postgresql (@jderusse)
  • bug #38444 [PhpUnitBridge] fix running parallel tests with phpunit 9 (@nicolas-grekas)
  • bug #38446 [PropertyInfo] Extract from default value doesn’t set collection boolean (@Korbeil)
  • feature #38424 [Translation] Rename Translatable class to TranslatableMessage (@natewiebe13)
  • bug #38442 [VarDumper] fix truncating big arrays (@nicolas-grekas)
  • bug #38433 [Mime] Fix serialization of RawMessage (@gilbertsoft)
  • bug #38422 [SecurityGuard] Implement PostAuthenticationGuardToken::getFirewallName() (@derrabus)
  • feature #38393 [FrameworkBundle] Add option –as-tree to translation:update command (@jschaedl)
  • bug #38419 [DoctrineBridge] fix and replace namespace to Uid (@maxhelias)
  • feature #38410 [Validator] Migrate File and Image constraints to attributes (@derrabus)
  • bug #38418 [HttpClient] minor fixes in RetryableHttpClient (@nicolas-grekas)
  • feature #38253 [Cache] Allow ISO 8601 time intervals to specify default lifetime (@lstrojny)

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