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Symfony 5.2.0-RC1 released

Symfony 5.2.0-RC1 has just been released. Here is a list of the most important changes:

  • bug #39004 [Messenger] Fix JSON deserialization of ErrorDetailsStamp and normalization of FlattenException::$statusText (@Jean85)
  • bug #38628 [DoctrineBridge] indexBy could reference to association columns (@juanmiguelbesada)
  • bug #39021 [DependencyInjection] Optimize circular collection by removing flattening (@jderusse)
  • bug #39031 [Ldap] Fix pagination (@jderusse)
  • bug #39038 [DoctrineBridge] also reset id readers (@xabbuh)
  • feature #39032 [Validator] Allow load mappings from attributes without doctrine/annotations (@derrabus)
  • feature #39022 [FrameworkBundle] Allow to use attribute-based configuration of routing/serializer without doctrine/annotations (@derrabus)
  • bug #39002 [Validator] Override the default option of the choice constraint (@benji07)
  • bug #39026 [Messenger] Fix DBAL deprecations in PostgreSqlConnection (@chalasr)
  • bug #39025 [DoctrineBridge] Fix DBAL deprecations in middlewares (@derrabus)
  • bug #38991 [Console] Fix ANSI when stdErr is not a tty (@jderusse)
  • bug #38980 [DependencyInjection] Fix circular reference with Factory + Lazy Iterrator (@jderusse)
  • bug #38986 [DoctrineBridge] accept converting Uid-as-strings to db-values (@nicolas-grekas)
  • feature #38850 [Messenger] Do not call getQueueUrl when the url is known in AmazonSqs transport (@jderusse)
  • feature #38940 [Messenger] Improve formatting of exception in failed message (@Jeroen Noten)
  • feature #38954 [HttpFundation][FrameworkBundle] Deprecate the HEADE _ _FORWARDE _ALL constant (@jderusse)
  • bug #38977 [HttpClient] Check status code before decoding content in TraceableResponse (@chalasr)
  • bug #38971 [PhpUnitBridge] fix replaying skipped tests (@nicolas-grekas)
  • bug #38910 [HttpKernel] Fix session initialized several times (@jderusse)
  • bug #38882 [DependencyInjection] Improve performances in CircualReference detection (@jderusse)
  • bug #38950 [Process] Dont test TTY if there is no TTY support (@Nyholm)
  • bug #38921 [PHPUnitBridge] Fixed crash on Windows with PHP 8 (@villfa)
  • feature #38919 [Console] Make error message more verbose (@Nyholm)
  • bug #38869 [SecurityBundle] inject only compatible token storage implementations for usage tracking (@xabbuh)
  • feature #38859 [HttpFoundation] Deprecate not passing a Closure together with FILTE _CALLBACK to ParameterBag::filter() (@nicolas-grekas)
  • bug #38894 [HttpKernel] Remove Symfony 3 compatibility code (@derrabus)
  • bug #38888 remove reflection-docblock from mime requirements (@garak)
  • bug #38895 [PhpUnitBridge] Fix wrong check for exporter in ConstraintTrait (@alcaeus)
  • bug #38879 [Cache] Fixed expiry could be int in ChainAdapter due to race conditions (@phamviet)
  • bug #38867 [FrameworkBundle] Fixing TranslationUpdateCommand failure when using “–no-backup” (@liarco)
  • bug #38856 [Cache] Add missing use statement (@fabpot)

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