SymfonyCon Berlin is only 15 days away!

My, my how time flies… SymfonyCon Berlin will begin in only 15 days! If you’re already registered, you’re probably preparing your personalized conference schedule and packing your bags. We are expecting a huge turnout this year: 1,000 people are already registered and only 100 tickets are left! What? You haven’t bought your ticket yet? They’re still available, but you should act today to make sure that you get yours before they’re sold out. Don’t miss out on our international Symfony event!

In case you missed the news over the past few months, here’s what’s in store for you at this year’s event:

-November 29-30: 2-day workshop combo with 5 workshop topics available : Mastering Symfony Forms, Mastering Authentication with Symfony Guard, Event Sourcing + CQRS, Introduction to the API Platform framework, Lightning Fast Tests. Get the ultimate Symfony training prior to the conference to enhance your skills and optimize your experience with our Symfony experts. We still have some room, so book your workshop sessions now before they close!

-December 1st-2nd: 2-day double-track conference at the Mercure Hotel MOA. Enjoy over 25 talks during the 2 days! Come listen to Andrew Carter speak about "Soup up Symfony - Keep PHP Alive Between Requests", "Making your applications work together through interoperability" by Michael Cullum or "A year of Symfony" presented by Sarah Khalil. Fabien Potencier will present not just one, but 2 keynotes to announce some important Symfony news! The first one will deliver wonderful surprise news for Symfony and our ecosystem and the second one is about "Symfony Distributions Reloaded". You won’t want to miss them! In addition, attend the famous “Sound of Symfony” podcast for their on-stage, live session and meet the team behind this popular podcast!

SymfonyCon is not just talk-focused, but also aims to provide networking and socializing times. You’ll love our event mixer held the first conference day evening. It is THE networking moment of the conference and the perfect atmosphere to relax with all the attendees, share drinks and have a bite after a great day. Drinks and snacks are free for all the attendees! This year’s theme is: Hipsterize Berlin! Well of course, we HAVE to take advantage of one of Berlin’s best attractions! Join us for the cocktail which will be served at the conference venue and experience the real Berlin life-style! If you have an hipster outfit (or just sunglasses or a hat...) don't hesitate to wear it! Otherwise accessories will be available.

-December 3rd: Hackday time at the Mercure Hotel MOA! Whether you’re registered for the conference or not, this event is FREE for every Symfony community member. For those of you who have never attended a hackday, it’s the ideal way to contribute to the Symfony project with other Symfony contributors, help our community grow and enhance the framework’s features. If you have ever wanted to contribute or learn how, this is your day.

Other important moments during our SymfonyCon: Sponsor meet-and-greets during coffee breaks and lunches! Walk through the village and grab up their special goodies and offers, designed just for you and the conference. Our conferences would not be the same without our great sponsors, so we’d like to thank all of them for their support! Thanks to our Gold sponsors: eZ, Sixt, Heroku, Blackfire, Get your guide and Drupal! Thanks to our Silver sponsor: Project A Ventures and Oro! A special thanks to Shopware, our Silver and coffee sponsor! And finally, our Bronze sponsors: Kaliop, Funding Circle, Denkwerk and Trisoft.

Last but not least, the Symfony core team will be there! If you’ve ever wondered who they are, what they look like, are they tall or short, you know all the important things, well come on over and meet them! Of course, as mentioned earlier, Fabien Potencier, aka fabpot on Twitter, will be there to share some exclusive and exciting Symfony news! No, he’s not moving abroad again, it’s serious Symfony stuff that will blow your mind! But hey, you have to come to the conference to find out what it is!!

So much more information is available online! Please check our special SymfonyCon Berlin 2016 pages for the rest of the details. For those wanting to start the SymfonyCon even sooner, you can also attend, for free, the Symfony User Group Berlin meetup on November 30th! Check the meetup’s schedule and feel the SymfonyCon atmosphere before the event starts! Register to meet the Berlin Symfony group!

Pretty good list of reasons to come to the conference, don’t you think? You’re probably dying to go on the website to buy your tickets. So, we shall leave you with this… only 100 tickets are left and then we will be sold out. They’re selling like hotcakes, folks!

See you in 15 days!


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