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SymfonyInsight Upgrade Reports are now available to everyone!

SymfonyInsight has always been focused on delivering tools to better maintain your Symfony projects.

Our product started as a static and dynamic analyzer and grew along the years to become what it is today. The most recent feature is Upgrade Reports.

These new reports come in addition to your usual Suggestions reports, and they help you upgrade your Composer dependencies in a progressive manner.

SymfonyInsight upgrade reports

As you may know, most of the PHP ecosystem uses semantic versioning: minor versions are compatible with previous ones, while major versions usually are not.

This means that upgrading from Symfony 4.3 to 4.4 is seamless (your project's code don't need to change), but upgrading to Symfony 5 requires code changes.

To help you upgrading, Symfony introduced a few years ago a concept called deprecations: when a feature of Symfony changes or is removed, a deprecation message is shown to you, either via the web development tools or as a log file.

This technique allows you to spot which bit of code will need to be updated before migrating to the next major version of a package.

However, this requires you to run all the code of your project to detect deprecations. It's easy to miss one and they are difficult to track, fix and avoid in the future.

That's where SymfonyInsight Upgrade Reports are useful: by analyzing your project entirely and with dynamic analysis, we are able to tell you with much more details the full list of deprecations of your project. It dramatically reduces the time spent to fix them, thus helping you migrate faster to the next Symfony major version.

A few weeks ago, we launched Upgrade reports in a private beta.

Today, they are now available for everyone!

Interested? Have a try at!

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SymfonyInsight Upgrade Reports are now available to everyone!

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