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SymfonyLive London 2019: meet the first selected speakers!

SymfonyLive London 2019 is coming on September 12th and 13th. This year, we organize the 8th edition of the conference! Join us at the only Symfony conference in the UK for 2 days of Symfony downtown London:

  • Pre-conference workshop day on September 12th. Workshops topics will be announced soon!
  • Conference day on September 13th: 2 tracks are organized during this one-day conference!

We are very pleased to announce the first selected speakers of the conference! We are still reviewing the talk proposals we received and would like to thank all the people who took the time to submit a talk proposal for the conference. We are super happy to introduce you to the first selected speakers who will be speaking this year at the conference (in order of appearance on the schedule):

  • Fabien Potencier, Symfony founder/project lead, will be on stage for the Opening Keynote!
  • Tobias Nyholm, Symfony Core team and the CARE team member, will be speaking about "Queues, busses and the Messenger component". Message queues are the perfect way to decentralize your application. You may use them for communication, scheduling and decentralization of your application. This talk will quickly go throw the basics of queues, hexagonal design and show proof of concept with Symfony’s Messenger component.
  • Dan Blows, will talk about "Feeling unfulfilled by SPA promises? Go back to Twig". We’ve all heard the benefits of building a client-side app in JavaScript that talks to a server-side REST API. But often this approach introduces a lot of accidental complexity, without really delivering the gains. How can you get the best of both worlds? In this talk, I’ll show how to get the simplicity of server-side rendering with the architectural and performance improvements of an SPA.
  • Titouan Galopin, SymfonyInsight Product Manager, will present a talk about "Demystifying React for Symfony developers". The world of Javascript is vast and exciting... but it can also be quite scary! It is an innovative world in which new technologies appear all the time, which can make it difficult for developers to keep up to date. One of the most famous of these technologies is probably React. But understanding it can be challenging: let's demystify it together so that you can enter the world of Javascript with confidence!
  • Neal Brooks, PHP engineer who likes using Symfony, will speak about "Restless microservices with Symfony". When we think about microservices we usually imagine a bunch of self-contained and job-focused applications, each specifying and managing their own boundaries and dependencies, and talking to each other over HTTP / REST APIs. In this presentation we’ll dig into the structure of microservices, think about the major pros and cons, and see if we can tweak it into something a bit more developer-friendly without losing the benefits.
  • Jakub Zalas, Symfony Core Team member, will talk about "Symfony QA". Static analysis is performed on source code without actually executing it. Being a good companion for code reviews it is often used for quality assurance as part of continuous integration. It can also play an invaluable role when diving into an unfamiliar code base. In this talk, Jakub will explain how to incorporate static analysis into a Symfony project to get a better understanding of applications' quality.
  • Stephen Winter will present a talk about "Migrating to Symfony one route at a time". We recently acquired a new client and a new project. Unfortunately this was built in a fairly old version of a framework we're not so familiar with. There were several bugs to fix and plenty of new features the client wanted 'yesterday'! In this session we'll look at the challenges we faced and how we resolved them to allow us to leave the legacy application doing what it does but still being able to work with current packages and methodologies for new development.

Check out the entire conference schedule and all their talks in details!

Early bird registration has been extended to Friday 10th May until midnight! Get your early bird ticket now before the price changes!

We can't wait to meet you at SymfonyLive London 2019! See you there!

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SymfonyLive London 2019: meet the first selected speakers!

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