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SymfonyLive Online Polish Edition 2021 went all good!

Last week, on March 12, we had the pleasure to organize the first SymfonyLive Online Polish Edition conference! During one day, we had 2 tracks and 10 talks in Polish en English. The first online conference of the year was a blast! It was a great pleasure to welcome the Polish community for this first online conference in Polish! Thank you for joining us!

We'd like to particularly thank our speakers for their time and availability! They’ve done a really good job working on their slides, pre-recording their talks to make sure the conference attendee experience went all smooth and being on stage their talk slots to answer all your questions in the chat and on camera. Thank you very much to all of them:

  • Fabien Potencier
  • Sebastian Grodzicki
  • Mateusz Zalewski
  • Marcin Czarnecki
  • Łukasz Chruściel
  • Titouan Galopin
  • Kuba Werłos
  • Nicolas Grekas
  • Ryan Weaver

All English talks had Polish subtitles, thanks to Symfony community members who took the time to translate them from the English version. We'd like to really thank them for their time in translating the talks from English to Polish, a huge thank you to our translators: Kuba Werłos, Piotr Śliwiński and Simon Zurek.

Finally, thank you to all our sponsors for their support during the conference and for their great virtual booths! They’ve been really interactive with everyone: organizing live demos and answering questions, so thank you so much for their support:

  • our Gold and Track Sponsor
  • SymfonyCloud and SymfonyInsight: our Gold Sponsors
  • SensioLabs: our Silver and Track sponsor

The entire conference replay is available since Saturday. You missed the conference but would like to watch the replay? You can still buy a ticket to watch the replay. More online conference editions are coming, join us at the next online Symfony conference!

Stay safe and see you soon online!

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SymfonyLive Online Polish Edition 2021 went all good!

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