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The conference schedule for SymfonyLive London 2018 is out!

We’re very pleased to announce that the conference schedule for this year’s edition of the SymfonyLive conference in London is online. Join us on September 28th for an intense conference day dedicated to Symfony, divided into 2 tracks.

Discover now all the speakers selected and the talks they will present there! We’re very excited to welcome 14 speakers at the conference (in alphabetical order):

  • Zan Baldwin who will be speaking about “The Symfony Open-source Community” at the closing Keynote! Stay tuned for more details to be announced soon.

  • Neal Brooks will speak about “Running Symfony on AWS Lambda”. If you ever find yourself deploying your Symfony app to your EC2 boxes and wondering if you're using your resources wisely, then this talk is for you!

  • Michael Cullum will be talking about “Building first-class REST APIs with Symfony”. In this talk Michael will show you how you can build a simple maintainable REST API using the Symfony components that can perform some simple operations in ways that are clean and simple.

  • Kévin Dunglas, Symfony Core Team member, will be presenting a talk about “Panther: test your Symfony apps with real web browsers”. Symfony Panther is a brand new e2e testing and web scrapping library written in PHP that drives real browsers thanks to the WebDriver protocol from the W3C. Let’s meet the feline!

  • Sandra Eriksson will present a talk about “What is accessibility, and why I should care?”. Find out more about the accessibility area, WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) and how to improve accessibility in ICT products (Information Communications Technology) for users with disabilities.

  • Christian Flothmann and Christopher Hertel will present a talk entitled “Using Symfony Forms with Rich Domain Models” to understand the different aspects of a rich domain model that makes it hard to use it in conjunction with the Form component.

  • Nicolas Grekas, Symfony Core Team member, who will talk about “Symfony Cache: a premium recipe to fast apps”. This talk will show you that caching might be the most efficient strategy to fast apps.

  • Tobias Nyholm will be speaking about “Symfony without the framework bundle”. This talk will go over performance to see what you can do to make an application run faster.

  • Fabien Potencier, Symfony founder and project lead, will be on stage for the opening Keynote! Stay tuned for more details to be announced soon.

  • André Rømcke will speak about “Take your Http caching to the next level with xkey & Fastly”. FOSHttpCache is extending Symfony in many ways, in this talk, you’ll discover how to use it!

  • Samuel Roze, Symfony Core Team member, who will present a talk entitled “Symfony Messenger: Messages, Queues, Workers and more” about the new Messenger component that he created a few months ago.

  • Erin Taylor and Gawain Lynch, will be speaking about “GDPR for web development”. In this talk they’ll give an overview of the main principles of GDPR and their relevance to web development. They’ll describe use cases for back-end and front-end developers working for Symfony and its ecosystem.

An incredible Symfony day is waiting for you, take your conference ticket now! If you want to get the most out of the conference, register for a workshop and conference combo ticket. Several pre-conference workshops are organized on September 27th:

  • Symfony 4 Best Practices by Nicolas Grekas
  • Building API-driven apps with API Platform by Kévin Dunglas
  • Symfony Messenger by Samuel Rozé
  • Lightning Fast Tests by Jakub Zalas

We hope to see you at SymfonyLive London 2018, less than 3 months left before the event!

Let’s meet in London and gather the great British Symfony community. Will you join us?

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The conference schedule for SymfonyLive London 2018 is out!

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