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Symfony 5: The Fast Track is the best book to learn modern Symfony development, from zero to production. +300 pages showcasing Symfony with Docker, APIs, queues & async tasks, Webpack, SPAs, etc.

The full agenda for SymfonyLive New York is now online!

We’ve finally put together the entire schedule for SymfonyLive New York 2014 and this year’s edition is simply awesome!

We’re extremely pleased to welcome speakers from eZ, Drupal and Drupal Commerce communities! Andre Rømcke, from eZ Systems will present a talk entitled “Dockerize your Symfony application” . Learn with Andre how this revolutionary technology can be adapted for your Symfony application. James Meickle, a Drupal developer from Acquia will share his experience about “Building Performance: From Symfony to Drupal 8 (and Back)”. This is an exciting topic about performance improvement with Symfony, soon available with the Drupal8 launch. We’ll also have Ryan Szrama, a Drupal Commerce developer from Commerce Guys, presenting “Solving the Hard Parts of eCommerce” to show you what reusable code and abstract libraries they can publish for eCommerce projects.

We’ll as well listen to Brent Shaffer from Adobe Systems, speaking about “Symfony and the API Gateway”. He’ll explain how the Adobe Web Services team solved the problem of API protection with five products, four programming languages, and six datacenters thanks to existing open-source libraries and bundles, using Symfony2 and their API Gateway.

We’ll have the pleasure to welcome Jeremy Mikola (who will speak twice this year!), Lukas Kahwe Smith, Ryan Weaver, Pablo Godel, Kris Wallsmith, Larry Garfield, David Zuelke, Baldur Rensch and obviously Fabien Potencier who will prepare a special keynote for the occasion! During 2 days, you’ll learn so much about Symfony, don’t miss this occasion!

Check out the entire schedule of SymfonyLive New York, you’ll definitely love it! And register today before it’s too late!

If you were thinking about getting trained on Symfony before the conference, check out our new workshops and register now, only a few seats are still available:

-Fabien’s Symfony Best Practices (one-day workshop), trainer: Ryan Weaver

-Building RESTful applications (one-day workshop), trainer: Hugo Hamon

-Mastering Symfony2 (two-day workshop), trainer: Kris Wallsmith

See you in the big Apple!

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The full agenda for SymfonyLive New York is now online!

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