Towards Symfony 2.1: The new Web Debug Toolbar

Today, I've merged the new web debug toolbar for Symfony 2.1.

The look of the toolbar has been changed for the better, but the most important improvement comes from the fact that the toolbar hides some information according to the size of your screen. Or put another way, the larger your screen is, the more information you will have at your fingertips.

Here is how the toolbar looks like at different screen resolution:

But even if you have a small screen, you actually can still get all the information by getting over each icon:

Big thanks to Juti Noppornpitak who did all the hard work.


Great! :) Thanks Juti!
Awesome :)

I must say that this toolbar makes all diference to me ;)
This toolbar is now just perfect.
Well done Juti!
RWD for the win. Nice :)
Wow, very nice! Thanks Juti!
Excellent work! Thanks for the shiny new web debug toolbar!
This looks fantastic, great improvement!
WOW is a great tool
Nice work! Thanks Juti :-)
Awesome looking tool and a good example for a great responsive design.
The debug tool bar has always been a great tool to develop, cool improvement. :)
Great work! Thank you all!
Now that the debug bar displays different amounts of information at different resolutions, will there be a way of setting which pieces of debug we want to expand at which resolutions?

For example, you might want to show the Controller information and HTTP response code more then you wanted to show the version of symfony you're developing with.

On the whole though, a nice little improvement on the debug bar.
Thanks for your great work!
Perfect work! Thanks a lot :)
nice one!
This is a very good idea, which is also very ergonomic ! Thanks a lot !
Very cool!

One suggestion would be to put the requests that are made via AJAX to DB also in this toolbar, I mean when my page is loaded I got some AJAX requests that are made down to the DB layer, now the toolbar doesn't show me those, just the ones that were made until the document ready occured.
This is AWESOME! Thanks!
Thnx a lot! i realized i have a lot more space on my netbook days ago, and loved the new toolbar immediatly!
Great work Juti ;)
Good stuff! Amazing how many improvements Symfony 2 has within a year.
Great, looks nice.
Cool! Nice work!
WOW! I missed (a LOT) this in my Acer Aspire One with a 10.1" display!!
Thanks, go to update
Great work! Thanks
much better, well done.
Good job, thanks
Perfect! ;)

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