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Virtual Symfony Hack Day - March 12th!

Hello Symfony world!

Symfony has always been a project driven by a huge and active community. Did you know over 1200 people have contributed to the symfony/symfony repository? That's more than other huge projects, like Node.js and Django. Wow!

And this is more than a nice stat - there are constantly more pull requests & issues, new documentation needed and thousands of people looking for support. This giant machine moves because of all of us.

Because Symfony has a predictable release schedule, we know that feature freeze for Symfony 3.1 will be at the end of this month (March). That makes the next few weeks of development really important!

That's why we've decided to organize an online hack day, and I would love if you'd join us. If you're an experienced contributor, great! If you're new, even better! This hack day will focus on teaching you how to contribute.

Here are the details:


March 12th from 3pm to 8pm CET / 9am to 2pm EST Sorry for the short-notice! We wanted to have a hack day before feature freeze!


We'll meet on IRC at #symfony-dev on Freenode (not #symfony, we want to keep that open for support). Not used to IRC? It's easy to connect.


Hosts weaverryan along with you and all of our friends in the Symfony community. Everyone is invited to the hack day. If you are a Symfony expert, we need you! If you are a newcomer and want to learn how to contribute, this is a great opportunity! Newcomers also bring a fresh perspective on what the best experience would be when trying to solve a problem :).

Then What?

I'll lead a mini-workshop where we'll learn how to contribute to Symfony - from triaging issues to creating a pull request. Then, you'll be unleashed!


Help the Symfony project!

As with any Open-Source project, contributing code or documentation is the most common way to help, but we also have a wide range of sponsoring opportunities.


Awesome, look forward to this!
Hi Ryan!!
The event will be recorded?

Hi Juan! Yes, I think I'm going to record the "how to contribute" workshop part of the hack day - look out for it!
Yeah! That would be great!!
Thanks so much!!
This sounds awesome! Thank you Ryan for all your work around our beloved framework!
Will you create a fork repository of symfony/symfony that users will be able to use as a sandbox? On one hand it may become a mess if everyone start to send tests PRs to the official repository. On the other hand using another repo may confuse users about what repo should be used when contributing.
@Alexis - that's a topic for discussion. BUT, we *did* make many PR's to the official symfony/symfony repository at the hack day at SymfonyCon, and as far as I know, it didn't cause any problems - Stof just closed them all after the hack day. I think it's better than using another repo (like you said, that's kinda confusing).

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