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The bundle dispatches the following events during the authentication process:


Constant: Scheb\TwoFactorBundle\Security\TwoFactor\Event\TwoFactorAuthenticationEvents::REQUIRE

Is dispatched when two-factor authentication is required for the user. This happens when you try to access a path that requires you to be fully authenticated. It also happens when you successfully complete a two-factor authentication step, but there's another two-factor step required (multi-factor authentication).

Usually, when this event is dispatched, the request is redirected to the two-factor authentication form.


Constant: Scheb\TwoFactorBundle\Security\TwoFactor\Event\TwoFactorAuthenticationEvents::FORM

Is dispatched when the two-factor authentication form is shown.


Constant: Scheb\TwoFactorBundle\Security\TwoFactor\Event\TwoFactorAuthenticationEvents::ATTEMPT

Is dispatched when two-factor authentication is attempted, right before checking the code.


Constant: Scheb\TwoFactorBundle\Security\TwoFactor\Event\TwoFactorAuthenticationEvents::SUCCESS

Is dispatched when two-factor authentication was successful for a single provider. That doesn't mean the entire two-factor process is completed.


Constant: Scheb\TwoFactorBundle\Security\TwoFactor\Event\TwoFactorAuthenticationEvents::FAILURE

Is dispatched when the given two-factor authentication code was incorrect.


Constant: Scheb\TwoFactorBundle\Security\TwoFactor\Event\TwoFactorAuthenticationEvents::COMPLETE

Is dispatched when the entire two-factor authentication process was completed successfully, that means two-factor authentication code was correct for all providers required and the user is now fully authenticated.

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