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WARNING: You are browsing the documentation for Symfony 3.0 which is not maintained anymore. Consider upgrading your projects to Symfony 4.3.

How to Visualize And Debug Routes

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How to Visualize And Debug RoutesΒΆ

While adding and customizing routes, it's helpful to be able to visualize and get detailed information about your routes. A great way to see every route in your application is via the debug:router console command. Execute the command by running the following from the root of your project.

$ php bin/console debug:router

This command will print a helpful list of all the configured routes in your application:

homepage              ANY       /
contact               GET       /contact
contact_process       POST      /contact
article_show          ANY       /articles/{_locale}/{year}/{title}.{_format}
blog                  ANY       /blog/{page}
blog_show             ANY       /blog/{slug}

You can also get very specific information on a single route by including the route name after the command:

$ php bin/console debug:router article_show

Likewise, if you want to test whether a URL matches a given route, you can use the router:match console command:

$ php bin/console router:match /blog/my-latest-post

This command will print which route the URL matches.

Route "blog_show" matches

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