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PDO & Doctrine DBAL Cache Adapter

3.3 version

PDO & Doctrine DBAL Cache AdapterΒΆ

New in version 3.2: The PDO & Doctrine DBAL adapter was introduced in Symfony 3.2.

This adapter stores the cache items in an SQL database. It requires a PDO, Doctrine DBAL Connection, or Data Source Name (DSN) as its first parameter, and optionally a namespace, default cache lifetime, and options array as its second, third, and forth parameters:

use Symfony\Component\Cache\Adapter\PdoAdapter;

$cache = new PdoAdapter(

    // a PDO, a Doctrine DBAL connection or DSN for lazy connecting through PDO

    // the string prefixed to the keys of the items stored in this cache
    $namespace = '',

    // the default lifetime (in seconds) for cache items that do not define their
    // own lifetime, with a value 0 causing items to be stored indefinitely (i.e.
    // until the database table is truncated or its rows are otherwise deleted)
    $defaultLifetime = 0,

    // an array of options for configuring the database connection
    $options = array()


When passed a Data Source Name (DSN) string (instead of a database connection class instance), the connection will be lazy-loaded when needed.

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