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Warning: You are browsing the documentation for Symfony 4.1, which is no longer maintained.

Read the updated version of this page for Symfony 6.2 (the current stable version).

Symfony Core Team

The Symfony Core team is the group of developers that determine the direction and evolution of the Symfony project. Their votes rule if the features and patches proposed by the community are approved or rejected.

All the Symfony Core members are long-time contributors with solid technical expertise and they have demonstrated a strong commitment to drive the project forward.

This document states the rules that govern the Symfony core team. These rules are effective upon publication of this document and all Symfony Core members must adhere to said rules and protocol.

Core Organization

Symfony Core members are divided into groups. Each member can only belong to one group at a time. The privileges granted to a group are automatically granted to all higher priority groups.

The Symfony Core groups, in descending order of priority, are as follows:

  1. Project Leader
  • Elects members in any other group;
  • Merges pull requests in all Symfony repositories.
  1. Mergers Team
  • Merge pull requests for the component or components on which they have been granted privileges.
  1. Deciders Team
  • Decide to merge or reject a pull request.

In addition, there are other groups created to manage specific topics:

Security Team

  • Manage the whole security process (triaging reported vulnerabilities, fixing the reported issues, coordinating the release of security fixes, etc.)

Documentation Team

Former Core Members

They are no longer part of the core team, but we are very grateful for all their Symfony contributions:

Core Membership Application

At present, new Symfony Core membership applications are not accepted.

Core Membership Revocation

A Symfony Core membership can be revoked for any of the following reasons:

  • Refusal to follow the rules and policies stated in this document;
  • Lack of activity for the past six months;
  • Willful negligence or intent to harm the Symfony project;
  • Upon decision of the Project Leader.

Should new Symfony Core memberships be accepted in the future, revoked members must wait at least 12 months before re-applying.

Code Development Rules

Symfony project development is based on pull requests proposed by any member of the Symfony community. Pull request acceptance or rejection is decided based on the votes cast by the Symfony Core members.

Pull Request Voting Policy

  • -1 votes must always be justified by technical and objective reasons;
  • +1 votes do not require justification, unless there is at least one -1 vote;
  • Core members can change their votes as many times as they desire during the course of a pull request discussion;
  • Core members are not allowed to vote on their own pull requests.

Pull Request Merging Policy

A pull request can be merged if:

  • It is a minor change [1]_;
  • Enough time was given for peer reviews (at least 2 days for "regular" pull requests, and 4 days for pull requests with "a significant impact");
  • At least the component's Merger or two other Core members voted +1 and no Core member voted -1.

Pull Request Merging Process

All code must be committed to the repository through pull requests, except for minor changes [1]_ which can be committed directly to the repository.

Mergers must always use the command-line gh tool provided by the Project Leader to merge the pull requests.

Release Policy

The Project Leader is also the release manager for every Symfony version.

Symfony Core Rules and Protocol Amendments

The rules described in this document may be amended at anytime at the discretion of the Project Leader.

.. [1] Minor changes comprise typos, DocBlock fixes, code standards
violations, and minor CSS, JavaScript and HTML modifications.
This work, including the code samples, is licensed under a Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 license.