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You are browsing the Symfony 4.4 documentation, which changes significantly from Symfony 3.x. If your app doesn't use Symfony 4.4 yet, browse the Symfony 3.4 documentation.

Logging Configuration Reference (MonologBundle)

Logging Configuration Reference (MonologBundle)ΒΆ

The MonologBundle integrates the Monolog logging library in Symfony applications. All these options are configured under the monolog key in your application configuration.

# displays the default config values defined by Symfony
$ php bin/console config:dump-reference monolog

# displays the actual config values used by your application
$ php bin/console debug:config monolog


When using XML, you must use the http://symfony.com/schema/dic/monolog namespace and the related XSD schema is available at: https://symfony.com/schema/dic/monolog/monolog-1.0.xsd


For a full list of handler types and related configuration options, see Monolog Configuration.


When the profiler is enabled, a handler is added to store the logs' messages in the profiler. The profiler uses the name "debug" so it is reserved and cannot be used in the configuration.

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