Couchbase Cache Adapter

6.0 version
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Symfony 6.0 is backed by SensioLabs.

Couchbase Cache Adapter

This adapter stores the values in-memory using one (or more) Couchbase server instances. Unlike the APCu adapter, and similarly to the Memcached adapter, it is not limited to the current server’s shared memory; you can store contents independent of your PHP environment. The ability to utilize a cluster of servers to provide redundancy and/or fail-over is also available.


Requirements: The Couchbase PHP extension as well as a Couchbase server must be installed, active, and running to use this adapter. Version 2.6 or greater of the Couchbase PHP extension is required for this adapter.

This adapter expects a Couchbase Bucket instance to be passed as the first parameter. A namespace and default cache lifetime can optionally be passed as the second and third parameters:

use Symfony\Component\Cache\Adapter\CouchbaseBucketAdapter;

$cache = new CouchbaseBucketAdapter(
    // the client object that sets options and adds the server instance(s)
    \CouchbaseBucket $client,

    // the name of bucket
    string $bucket,

    // a string prefixed to the keys of the items stored in this cache
    $namespace = '',

    // the default lifetime (in seconds) for cache items that do not define their
    // own lifetime, with a value 0 causing items to be stored indefinitely
    $defaultLifetime = 0,

Configure the Connection

The createConnection() helper method allows creating and configuring a Couchbase Bucket class instance using a Data Source Name (DSN) or an array of DSNs:

use Symfony\Component\Cache\Adapter\CouchbaseBucketAdapter;

// pass a single DSN string to register a single server with the client
$client = CouchbaseBucketAdapter::createConnection(
    // the DSN can include config options (pass them as a query string):
    // 'couchbase://localhost:11210?operationTimeout=10'
    // 'couchbase://localhost:11210?operationTimeout=10&configTimout=20'

// pass an array of DSN strings to register multiple servers with the client
$client = CouchbaseBucketAdapter::createConnection([
    // etc...

// a single DSN can define multiple servers using the following syntax:
// host[hostname-or-IP:port] (where port is optional). Sockets must include a trailing ':'
$client = CouchbaseBucketAdapter::createConnection(

Configure the Options

The createConnection() helper method also accepts an array of options as its second argument. The expected format is an associative array of key => value pairs representing option names and their respective values:

use Symfony\Component\Cache\Adapter\CouchbaseBucketAdapter;

$client = CouchbaseBucketAdapter::createConnection(
    // a DSN string or an array of DSN strings

    // associative array of configuration options
        'username' => 'xxxxxx',
        'password' => 'yyyyyy',
        'configTimeout' => '100',

Available Options

username (type: string)
Username for connection CouchbaseCluster.
password (type: string)
Password of connection CouchbaseCluster.
operationTimeout (type: int, default: 2500000)
The operation timeout (in microseconds) is the maximum amount of time the library will wait for an operation to receive a response before invoking its callback with a failure status.
configTimeout (type: int, default: 5000000)
How long (in microseconds) the client will wait to obtain the initial configuration.
configNodeTimeout (type: int, default: 2000000)
Per-node configuration timeout (in microseconds).
viewTimeout (type: int, default: 75000000)
The I/O timeout (in microseconds) for HTTP requests to Couchbase Views API.
httpTimeout (type: int, default: 75000000)
The I/O timeout (in microseconds) for HTTP queries (management API).
configDelay (type: int, default: 10000)
Config refresh throttling Modify the amount of time (in microseconds) before the configuration error threshold will forcefully be set to its maximum number forcing a configuration refresh.
htconfigIdleTimeout (type: int, default: 4294967295)
Idling/Persistence for HTTP bootstrap (in microseconds).
durabilityInterval (type: int, default: 100000)
The time (in microseconds) the client will wait between repeated probes to a given server.
durabilityTimeout (type: int, default: 5000000)
The time (in microseconds) the client will spend sending repeated probes to a given key’s vBucket masters and replicas before they are deemed not to have satisfied the durability requirements.


Reference the Couchbase Bucket extension’s predefined constants documentation for additional information about the available options.

This work, including the code samples, is licensed under a Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 license.