Profiler Configuration Reference (WebProfilerBundle)

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Profiler Configuration Reference (WebProfilerBundle)

The WebProfilerBundle is a development tool that provides detailed technical information about each request execution and displays it in both the web debug toolbar and the profiler. All these options are configured under the web_profiler key in your application configuration.

# displays the default config values defined by Symfony
$ php bin/console config:dump-reference web_profiler

# displays the actual config values used by your application
$ php bin/console debug:config web_profiler


When using XML, you must use the namespace and the related XSD schema is available at:


The web debug toolbar is not available for responses of type StreamedResponse.



type: string default: '^/((index|app(_[\w]+)?)\.php/)?_wdt'

When the toolbar logs AJAX requests, it matches their URLs against this regular expression. If the URL matches, the request is not displayed in the toolbar. This is useful when the application makes lots of AJAX requests, or if they are heavy and you want to exclude some of them.


type: boolean default: false

If a redirect occurs during an HTTP response, the browser follows it automatically and you won't see the toolbar or the profiler of the original URL, only the redirected URL.

When setting this option to true, the browser stops before making any redirection and shows you the URL which is going to redirect to, its toolbar, and its profiler. Once you've inspected the toolbar/profiler data, you can click on the given link to perform the redirect.


type: boolean default: false

It enables and disables the toolbar entirely. Usually you set this to true in the dev and test environments and to false in the prod environment.

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