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Our Pledge

In the interest of fostering an open and welcoming environment, the "Code of Conduct Active Response Ensurers", or CARE team, pledge to ensure that the spirit of the Code of Conduct is respected. Our main priority is to ensure the safety of our community members. The second goal is to help educate the community as a whole to be aware of the Code of Conduct and how to help implement its spirit throughout the community. In case these goals conflict, we will prioritize safety of community members over all other goals.

If you think there is or has been a violation to the Code of Conduct please contact the CARE team or if you prefer contact only individual members of the CARE team.


Here are all the members of the CARE team (in alphabetic order). You can contact any of them directly using the contact details below or you can also contact all of them at once by emailing .

About the CARE Team

The Symfony project leader appoints the CARE team with candidates they see fit. The CARE team will consist of at least 3 people. The team should be representing as many demographics as possible, ideally from different employers.

CARE Team Transparency Reports

The CARE team publishes a transparency report at the end of each year:

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