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How to Check for Known Security Vulnerabilities in Your Dependencies

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How to Check for Known Security Vulnerabilities in Your Dependencies

When using lots of dependencies in your Symfony projects, some of them may contain security vulnerabilities. That's why Symfony provides a command called security:check that checks your composer.lock file to find any known security vulnerability in your installed dependencies.

First, install the security checker in your project:

# require at least the 5.0 version of the package because older versions
# checked the security vulnerabilities using an URL that is no longer available
$ composer require sensiolabs/security-checker:^5.0

Then run this command:

$ php bin/console security:check

A good security practice is to execute this command regularly to be able to update or replace compromised dependencies as soon as possible. Internally, this command uses the public security advisories database published by the FriendsOfPHP organization.


The security:check command terminates with a non-zero exit code if any of your dependencies is affected by a known security vulnerability. This way you can add it to your project build process and your continuous integration workflows to make them fail when there are vulnerabilities.


The security checker is also available as an independent console application and distributed as a PHAR file so you can use it in any PHP application. Check out the Security Checker repository for more details.

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