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Logo of the SymfonyCon Amsterdam 2019 conference

SymfonyCon Amsterdam 2019

November 21-23, 2019

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Logo of the SymfonyLive Warszawa 2019 conference

SymfonyLive Warszawa 2019

June 13-14, 2019

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SymfonyLive London 2019

September 13, 2019

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SymfonyLive Berlin 2019

September 24-27, 2019


Upcoming community events

Monolith turned API Gateway and Static Code Analysis

Hello fellow friends of Symfony, Spring has finally arrived and with it a new Symfony User Group meetup. We have two exciting talks by Hafiz Abdul Rehman and Benjamin Cremer. Join us at the MyHammer office for interesting and friendly discussions aro...

17th Symfony Bucharest Meetup

Câteodata, modalitatea clasică de comunicare pentru o apliație web, Request - Response, nu este suficientă. Utlizatorii așteptă notificările, sincronizarea datelor și alte interacțiuni cu aplicația să se întample în timp real. Mihai Nica...

Symfony User Group Cologne - April'19

Hallo Symfony Freunde, unser nächstes Meetup findet bei pro.volution ( in der Kölner Innenstadt statt. pro.volution ist nicht nur Gastgeber, sondern steuert auch einen spannenden Talk bei: --- "Automatisierte Review-Umg...

CMS and symfony

What are the reason that some of the best CMS:s uses symfony?

We will have a very nice evening in wonderful Trondheim and having to very good speakers - Krzystof Krzys and Eirik Morland.

Krzystof will give us a brief introduction why CMS:s are using symfony and Eirik will talk about design patterns. While we are listen to these excellent speakers we can look out the window and see the wonderful mountins.

Symfony User Group Nürnberg

Wir wollen die Symfony-Community in Nürnberg miteinander vernetzen und bieten Euch einen gemeinsamen Termin an. Am 8. April treffen wir uns um 18 Uhr in den Räumen der solutionDrive.Wir organisieren gerade noch ein paar kurze Vorträge, in denen er...

Treffen der Symfony User Group Hamburg

Einlass ab 18.30 Uhr, Vorträge ab 19 Uhr.

Symfony UG Berlin: Exploring Async PHP & API Platform

The next edition of our Symfony meetup will be hosted by Inviqa in Friedrichshain. Dan and Stefan will join us as speakers - by coincidence again, together, on the same night. That's going to be awesome!
This time we will learn about two very interesting topics: Async PHP and building APIs with API Platform

16th Symfony Bucharest Meetup

Symfony has a very predictable deprecation model and many times we end up using the same LTS version for years in a row.

But sometimes, we have the chance to work on a green-field project.

Alexandru Baciu from FYB will share his story with Symfony 4.2, API Platform, Workflow and Messenger component as a provider for an application with a React frontend and lots of other microservices written in Java.

RSVP here:

Proudly we present the revamped Symfony User Group NL meetup!

First of all, I'd like to take a moment to thank Matthias Noback for organizing the meetup until 2018, thank you!I'm Jeroen Sen, an enterprise architect for Medicore, and the organizer of the Symfony User Group NL meetup. For the first edition of the...

Symfony User Group Cologne - March'19

Hello Symfony Friends,

welcome to our March meetup hosted by brainbits. We are very happy to have Christian Lück as speaker with great topic about "Pushing the limits of PHP". As usual doors will be open at 18:30h and we will start at 19h.