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API Platform: A Framework for API-driven projects

Hello Symfony and PHP lovers, We have the pleasure to have Kevin Dunglas in the city for the API Days conference. To make it count and as Kevin is never the last to talk about Symfony, we are lucky enough to have him willing to give us a talk about A...

[Paris] SfPot Juillet 2019

Hello 👋 ! C'est parti pour le SfPot de juillet. Nous sommes hébergé ce mois-ci par Clever Age ! Merci à eux pour l'hébergement et le pot 🍕🍺. Et au programme nous avons les talks suivants: - « Git Gud » Par Grégoire Paris- « Développ...

Symfony User Group Cologne - July'19

Hallo Symfony Freunde, unser nächstes Meetup findet bei CHRONEXT ( in Köln Ehrenfeld statt. Denis Brumann wird uns die Neuerungen zu Symfony Messenger 4.3 präsentieren. Zeitplan:18:30 Uhr: Ankommen und Get-Together19:00 Uhr: In...

Symfony User Group Osnabrück

Symfony expert Christian Flothmann will tell us what´s new in Symfony 4.3

The Twelve Factor Symfony App

The Twelve Factor methodology is a checklist to make your web applications more portable and resilient when deployed. How does it apply to Symfony? I’ll be suggesting bundles, configuration options, and approaches to coding to help you get a perfect 12 out of 12.

Dan Blows is the Head of Solution Architecture at Hyperion X.

Special: What's new in Symfony 4.3

Im Juli tanzen wir mal wieder aus der Reihe – mit einem Special zu den Neuerungen in Symfony 4.3, vorgestellt von Jan Schädlich von SensioLabs. - Einlass ab 18.30 Uhr- Vorträge ab 19 Uhr Der Ort wird noch bekanntgegeben.

Monolithic Repository & Symfony MakerBundle

Hello Friends of Symfony, this time we will visit Productsup near Alexanderplatz. We have two talks with a focus on developer experience and development process. Lars Erler will explain how and why they use monolithic repositories and Marco Podien wi...

[Paris] SfPot Juin 2019

Hello 👋 ! Le SfPot de juin est prêt ! Nous nous rendons ce mois-ci chez OpenClassrooms, merci à eux pour l'hébergement du pot. Et au programme nous avons les talks suivants: - « La DX ce n'est pas que pour Symfony ! » Par Olivier Dolbeau- « ...

Symfony is easy and doing RESTful projects with API Platform is easier

There is a myth that Symfony is complicated and has a high learning curve. In this talk we will see that this is not true. We will discover how to create a Symfony project from scratch and how to create a RESTful project in a matter of seconds with API Platform..

A review of its new components, the documentation and the project organization will be made. It's not a talk to learn Symfony, it's a talk to see it in action and end the fear of using it. Because Symfony is easy.

Symfony User Group Cologne - June'19

Hallo Symfony Freunde, unser nächstes Meetup findet bei SH Telekommunikation Deutschland ( in der Kölner Innenstadt statt. Wir dürfen Axel Guckelsberger mit seinem Talk “Maßgeschneiderte Bundles vom Fließband” begrüßen. Zeit...