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A month of Symfony Documentation #1 (December 2014)

This is the first blog post of a new monthly series reviewing the main changes introduced in the official Symfony Documentation during the last month.

Documentation Highlights

David Buchmann rewrote the cookbook article How to Use Varnish to Speed up my Website to improve its contents, specially the section about routing and X-FORWARDED headers. Also, don't miss out the excellent FOSHttpCacheBundle that David has co-authored to simplify HTTP Cache management for Symfony applications.

Ryan Weaver thoroughly reviewed the book chapter about security. The resulting content is much more action oriented and some of the original contents have been moved to four new tutorials:

Javier Eguiluz rewrote the book chapter about Installing Symfony. The goal was to simplify the first Symfony contact for newcomers. That's why we now recommend to use the Symfony Installer and to run PHP's internal web server on the development environment.

Documentation Activity

This month was pretty busy for Symfony documentation, totaling 79 merged pull requests, around 300 commits, 4,000 additions and 3,500 deletions. Read the full documentation changelog for December 2014.

Some of the most active contributors during this month were Frank Neff (frne), Andrius Marcinkevicius (ifdattic) and Alexander Schwenn (xelaris), who have fixed an incredible amount of typos throughout the documentation.

Symfony documentation is carefully curated by three managers: Ryan Weaver, Christian Flothmann (xabbuh) and Wouter De Jong. The changelog and the information highlighted in this post was prepared by Wouter.

Help the Symfony project!

As with any Open-Source project, contributing code or documentation is the most common way to help, but we also have a wide range of sponsoring opportunities.


Great initiative! :) I'd love to see more updates like this!
Not only the framework is public, so is the documentation!
I really enjoyed this read. Great work on the post Javier! and big thanks to the Symfony Documentation team!
Nice post, great initiative! Keep adding cookbook articles will keep lowering the learning curve for starting developers, and will thereby boost the Symfony community! :)

The Github pages of the most used Bundles also contain a treasure of documentation. I think developers that are new to Symfony have no idea what bundles are around to solve their problems.

What about adding cookbook articles, or another type of section, about usage examples for those bundles at the "Getting started" section?
Thanks for the great work :)

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