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A week of symfony #103 (15->21 december 2008)

Jobeet tutorial continued attracting symfony community attention during this week. As a consequence, documentation activity is booming with tens of fixes, translations, enhancements and edits. Meanwhile, sfDoctrinePlugin fixed lots of bugs this week and five new plugins were published.

Development mailing list

Development highlights

  • r14056: [1.2] [sfDoctrinePlugin] added missing sfDoctrineTester class
  • r14095: [1.2] [sfDoctrinePlugin] fixed generated form widget for m2m to be sfWidgetFormDoctrineChoiceMany instead of sfWidgetFormDoctrineSelectMany
  • r14096: [1.2] [sfDoctrinePlugin] fixed sfDoctrineRoute to allow method_for_query so we match the method_for_criteria method for sfPropelPlugin
  • r14098: [1.2] [sfDoctrinePlugin] fixed small issue with overriden getObjects()
  • r14104: [1.2] [sfDoctrinePlugin] fixed issue with plugins which are at a custom path
  • r14105: [1.2] added check for XSLT in check_configuration
  • r14106: [1.2] [sfDoctrinePlugin] fixed generated forms to unique columns are validated
  • r14107: [1.2] admin generators should return to page 1 after applying a filter
  • r14108: [1.2] [sfDoctrinePlugin] fixed missing peer_method equivalent
  • r14111: [1.2] [sfDoctrinePlugin] fixed sfValidatorDoctrineUnique to behave the same way as sfValidatorPropelUnique if a value does not exist
  • r14113: [1.2] [sfDoctrinePlugin] allowed ability to configure path to Doctrine core libs to allow using a different version of Doctrine
  • r14119: [1.2] improved select_timezone_tag
  • r14120, r14121: [1.0, 1.1] fixed select_timezone_tag not possible to display city
  • r14122: [1.2] updated sfToolkit::arrayDeepMerge (reverted and recommitted)
  • r14152, r14153: [1.1, 1.2] fixed input_date_tag to work correctly in pear installations
  • r14157: [1.2] added check for short_open_tags to check_configuration.php (partially reverted)
  • r14162: [1.2] [sfDoctrinePlugin] fixed bug with sfDoctrineRoute parameters that are passed to the method option
  • r14173: [1.2] fixed var and propel web debug logger regular expressions
  • r14181: [1.2] [sfDoctrinePlugin] fixed issue with build-model task and plugin directories and plugin names
  • r14200: [1.2] [sfDoctrinePlugin] fixed form generation for plugins using custom paths
  • r14210: [1.2] [sfDoctrinePlugin] fixed bug with pagination links
  • r14211: [1.2] [sfDoctrinePlugin] fixed build-model yet again for custom plugin paths
  • r14213: [1.2] [sfDoctrinePlugin] fixed issue with application option in tasks
  • r14214: [1.2] [sfDoctrinePlugin] fixed incorrect method names for many to many filters
  • r14216: [1.2] [sfDoctrinePlugin] fixed issue where 404 exception is not thrown when no object is found
  • Updated dwhittle branch
  • ...and many other changes

Development digest: 196 changesets, 65 defects created, 54 defects closed, 13 enhancements created, 5 enhancements closed, 48 documentation defects created, 36 documentation defects closed and 39 documentation edits.

Book and documentation



  • New plugins
  • Updated plugins
    • sfImageTransformPlugin: added opacity transform
    • omCrossAppUrlPlugin: omCrossAppUrlPluginHelper debug default value given to the helper and sfConfig is now kept, released 1.0.1 version
    • sfExtjsThemePlugin: removed credentials check from edit_formpanel until it is re-written like credentials in the other list panels, fixed credential settings on columns so they work as expected, fix for notecolumn to handle not editable properly, removed all credentials checks in editformpanel, fixed a hardcoded xtype in gridpanel initevents
    • bhLDAPAuthPlugin: bhldap cleanup, updates for 1.1 on linux, added more password checking info in debug log
    • sfDoctrineGuardPlugin: updated tasks to match sfGuardPlugin, created 1.2 branch, updated admin generator actions to have a base class so actions can be extended, updated package.xml so we can package the plugin, fixed missing files for package creation, fixed issue with referer, fixed BasesfGuardFormSignin to use the setup() method instead of configure()
    • sfDynamicCMSPlugin: fixed bugs, prepared 0.4.3 release, refactored sfDynamicCMSActionsBehavior
    • sfAdvancedAdminGeneratorPlugin: moved create_messages and edit_messages
    • sfLucenePlugin: fixed sfLuceneDoctrineListener calls Doctrine_Record::indentifier() instead of Doctrine_Record::identifier(), fix call to sfDoctrineRecord::setDefaultCulture
    • sfPropelPlugin: [migration] merged changes up to r14025, merged changes up to r14173
    • sfDateTime2Plugin: added +1900 on mktime due to a bug fix in php 5.2.8 (it worked with previous php version because they were more tolerant)
    • swToolboxPlugin: fixed jQuery calls, created 1.2 branches, convert to sf1.2
    • sfDtAjaxPlugin: fixed _options_for_select call for Symfony 1.2
    • sfEasyDebugPlugin: added the code to handle the gracefull degradation when firebug is not present
    • ckWebServicePlugin: disable ckSoapParameterFilter.class.php by app.yml configvar, updated ckSoapParameterFilter.class.php (empty values mapped with a nullvalue to the requestclass, so you can use the fallback default value due the get. Also parameterlogging is possible, if sf_logging_enabled config var isset)
    • sfDoctrineAdminGeneratorWithShowPlugin: now the theme support partials and components for the show view, replace table with div for the show view
    • sfTaskExtraPlugin: added generate:tests task to easily generate empty unit test files for all classes in your lib/ directory, added generator summary to generate:tests
    • sfDoctrineActAsTaggablePlugin: added option for min tag occurence in selectAllTagWithCount, added unit-test for min_occurencies parameter

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