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A week of symfony #113 (23 february -> 1 march 2009)

Symfony project showed this week a very intense activity with nearly 200 changesets committed and 72 errors fixed/closed. Documentation was heavily updated with new original contents and tons of translations. Lastly, 12 new plugins were introduced and 20 plugins were updated.

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Development highlights

  • r15720: [1.1, 1.2, 1.3] fixed sfForm problem when file upload widgets are embedded
  • r15726: [1.1, 1.2, 1.3] fixed sf_culture being set automatically when testing, but not when using the site
  • r15767, r15768: [1.2, 1.3] sfWebDebugToolbar do not use anymore the generic "menu" classname, but sf_web_debug_menu instead, to avoid side effects with integrators work
  • r15796: [1.1, 1.2, 1.3] fixed doc for plugin:install task
  • r15797: [1.1, 1.2, 1.3] fixed notice in sfTestBrowser
  • r15801: [1.2, 1.3] fixed sfBaseTask::getFirstApplication should ignore version control
  • r15803: [1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3] fixed typo + make sure fixtures are ordered
  • r15805: [1.1, 1.2, 1.3] fixed register_globals cannot be set at runtime
  • r15807: [1.2, 1.3] fixed sfFormField::renderHelp doesn't use formatter
  • r15809: [1.1, 1.2, 1.3] fixed sfForm::mergeForm() ignores reordered widgets
  • r15817: [1.3] added terminal width detection to cli
  • r15833: [1.2, 1.3] fixed issue where doctrine generated forms use Select instead of Choice like propel does
  • r15838: [1.0] fixed sfData
  • r15850: [1.2, 1.3] fixed sfRouteObject signature
  • r15861: [1.1, 1.2, 1.3] fixed merging of form helps
  • r15892: [1.2, 1.3] iterator interface of sfForm does not take fields in right order
  • sfDoctrinePlugin:
    • r15812: [1.2, 1.3] moved setting of flash notice after model transaction
    • r15823: [1.2, 1.3] fixed issue with tasks that use the drop db task not stopping with confirmation is false
    • r15824: [1.2, 1.3] fixed Doctrine form generator and min/max validators and regex validators
    • r15828: [1.2, 1.3] Fixes issue with I18n accessors and columns with underscores
    • r15831: [1.2, 1.3] fixed issue with using Doctrine field names and generated forms/filters
    • r15853: changed internal queries to use Doctrine_Table::createQuery()
    • r15865: [1.2, 1.3] fixed issue with loading data fixtures from plugins that use setPluginPath()
  • sfPropelPlugin:
    • r15727: [1.2, 1.3] enhanced an error message
    • r15765: [1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3] fixed propel:schema-to-yml composite foreign-Keys wrongly converted
    • r15799: [1.2, 1.3] fixed admin.delete_object event is not despatched on batch delete
    • r15812: [1.2, 1.3] moved setting of flash notice after model transaction
  • ...and many other changes

Development digest: 197 changesets, 48 defects created, 72 defects closed, 8 enhancements created, 10 enhancements closed, 9 documentation defects created, 19 documentation defects closed and 49 documentation edits.

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  • New plugins
    • sfPHPCaptchaPlugin: visual captcha as form widget with validator for symfony. Audio support possible.
    • sfSortablePropelPagerPlugin: a Propel pager with sorting feature and optional Ajax support.
    • sfLiveStatisticsPlugin: live user tracking with cart. Designed for search engine optimization.
    • sfPropelMetaBehaviorPlugin: automates the addition of methods to handle meta information of a certain table.
    • scSvnManagementPlugin: updates your project directly from your Subversion-Repository via a web frontent.
    • sfPDFLatexPlugin: allows you to use the full power of LaTeX to generate PDF.
    • zendCachePlugin: allows you to use Zend Disk Cache and/or Zend Shared Memory Cache in your symfony applications.
    • crJossoPlugin: SSO provided by JOSSO allow developers to concentrate in business logic delegating all authentication and authorization work to JOSSO Identity Manager.
    • sfEasyCommentsPlugin: plug'n'play comments system for symfony
    • sfSympalPlugin: flexible plug n' play content management framework built on top of symfony
    • sfMemcacheSessionStoragePlugin: allows Memcache storage of sessions
    • sfUploaderPlugin: automates the file uploading with several features. It can check the file extension, size, type, etc. It has got a lot of image manipulation features like resize, crop, convert, thumbnails, etc.
  • Updated plugins
    • sfGridPlugin: implemented hydration for the sfDataSourcePropel, fixed documentation, written some starters for hydation, added extension for propel model builder, added capability to define custom Columns for the query, updated documentation for sfDataSourcePropel
    • sfUnobstrusiveWidgetPlugin: removed unnecessary JS scripts, fix swf upload js_transformer, fix JS bug in double list and in treeview admin scripts, fix JS id bug when displaying a date range, removed upload url from default config, implement sfUoWidgetFormInputFile and swf upload transformer, fixed getJsTransformers function
    • sfSSOPlexcelPlugin: initial trunk import, added the README file
    • sfStatsPlugin: fixed backend module filter storage namespace
    • isicsWidgetFormTinyMCEPlugin: added management of options without quotes
    • sfXSLTViewPlugin: added check for non-array input
    • swToolboxPlugin: improve swToolboxFormHelper
    • pkImageConverterPlugin: added convertFormat method for just changing formats without scaling or cropping
    • sfDynamicsPlugin: updates and cleanup of the code (obsolete methods has been removed, and a new sfDynamicsConfig now replace the old sfDynamics::is....() methods), updated documentation, added is_secure off to avoid forbidding assets on secured project, fixed default configuration file, checked more errors and made errors more verbose, added packageset list in documentation, added symfony version check in routing configuration to use either old style sfPatternRouting or the new style sfRoute objects
    • sfGuardPlugin: decoupled remember me functionality from security filter, deprecated security filter, fixed hasCredential() method to admit an anonymous user to have an empty credential list, added condition to login validator to avoid unnecessary error messages
    • nahoMailPlugin: fixed bug preventing usage of components
    • sfCmfResourcePlugin: implemented resource type registry and added basic model files
    • sfGuardExtraPlugin: updated readme files, fixed form register validation
    • sfDoctrineGuardPlugin: fixed hasCredential() method to admit an anonymous user to have an empty credential list, removed reference to propel functionality left over from the port, fixed issue with sfGuardUser::hasPermission() not checking both explicit premissions as well as inherited group permissions, fixed help in create-user task, fixed issue with timed out users and credentials not clearing, fixed issue with non active users still being able to login, fixed issue where configured password callback is not used, fixed app_sf_guard_plugin_algorithm_callable
    • sfShibbolethPlugin: always forward to login action don't redirect to it
    • DbFinderPlugin: added the ability to add new adapters (for arrays, web services, BigTable and the likes)
    • sfPropelParanoidBehaviorPlugin: created branches for 1.0 and 1.2, converted README to Markdown, added version compatible with symfony 1.2
    • sfFormExtraPlugin: replaced autocompleter by jQuery(), fixed JS function names, fixed date picker on IE7, added JS date selection validity check, forced date format returned by the date picker
    • sfDoctrineActAsTaggablePlugin: PluginTagTable::getAllTagNameWithCount: set the "from" query part only if not passed
    • sfDoctrineApplyPlugin: fixed documentation errors and omissions

Some new symfony powered websites

  • Together Tag: the most reliable dog and cat ID and recovery service from the trusted creators of Dogster and Catster
  • Current TV: a global television network that gives you the opportunity to create and influence what airs on TV
  • Stela Kraków: (polish) funeral parlour

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