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A week of symfony #138 (17->23 August 2009)

Calm week for symfony core development, mostly focused on lime 2.0 tool. Meanwhile, plugins showed an intense development activity with hundreds of changesets and more than 27 updated plugins.

Development mailing list

Development highlights

  • r21204: [lime 2.0] refactored internals of LimeMock to allow for more descriptive and usable error message
  • r21230: [lime 2.0] added support for parallel processing in LimeTestSuite by using the --processes switch
  • r21237: [lime 2.0] renamed LimeOutputConsoleDetailed to LimeOutputTap and moved plan to the bottom to improve TAP compliancy when multiple test script results are displayed
  • r21252: [1.2, 1.3] fixed possible problems when dumping routes that accept complex objects
  • r21263: [lime 2.0] added parser to analyze TAP compliant files in the test suite
  • r21342: [lime 2.0] test output sent to STDERR is now displayed as errors in the test suite
  • r21370: [lime 2.0] implemented "nice" mocks (ignoring superfluous method calls) and added the shortcuts mock() and stub() in LimeTest
  • ...and many other changes

Development digest: 202 changesets, 29 bugs reported, 5 bugs fixed, 5 enhancements suggested, 3 enhancements closed, 1 documentation defect reported, 1 documentation defect fixed, and 15 documentation edits.


New Job Postings

  • Symfony developer at Grupo Mercantis - full-time freelance preferably in Spain - Contact: daniel [dot] grifol [at] grupomercantis [dot] com

New developers for hire

  • Yanko Simeonoff ([email protected]): a developer located in Bulgaria. Working with PHP since 2004. I have 2 years of experience developing in Symfony.

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  • New plugins
    • sfNewsletterSolutionsPlugin: (no description)
    • sfPropelApplyPlugin: migration of the sfDoctrineApplyPlugin.
    • sfTestsToXUnitPlugin: adds a new task which runs all unit and functional tests, and formats the output into XUnit format for CruiseControl, phpUnderControl, etc.
    • uvmcDoctrineTaskExtraPlugin: adds delete-files-of-model task in the doctrine namespace, which deletes all the files related to a model: Filters, Forms, Tables and Model classes.
    • sfMediaBrowserPlugin: (no description)
    • caPropelNestedSetManagerPlugin: nested set manager with useful features made with AJAX: add the node to the parent, delete node, edit node, move the node to another location, extensibility and adaptation to your function and implemented i18n and i10n.
    • agActasHtmlHolderPlugin: (no description)
    • teUrlToAssetPlugin: allows convenient access to "page-specific" assets (images, flash files, documents, etc.) by mapping a URL to a directory structure and via simple hierarchy finding the most applicable asset, if any.
    • sfFacebookConnectPlugin: (no description)
  • Updated plugins
    • seSwiftMailerPlugin: fixes
    • caSimpleGalleryPlugin: first stable release
    • uvmcSolrSearchPlugin: now you can add documents into a collection before adding them to the solr service, added uvmc_solr.add_document_to_collection and uvmc_solr.add_collection events
    • sfUnobstrusiveWidgetPlugin: fixed bug when use input text instead select, refactored i18n feature
    • sfEasyAuthPlugin: added a feature to require email addresses to be confirmed before allowing users to log in, made a better distinction between an enabled account and an active one, moved remaining error strings to app.yml file, the password min length is now configurable, added a callable for sending email confirmation emails to, created a template for sending email confirmation emails, added events to allow extending the plugin, updated documentation, working on a redirection filter, removed the redirect plugin since it is no longer needed during authentication, users are now redirected to the page they were trying to access if they don't have the right credentials, updated project schema, changed the easy auth inheritance hierarchy to enable users to insert methods into the sfEasyAuthUser class without touching the plugin directly
    • sfDataGridPlugin: changed FOREIGN KEY RETRIEVE TABLE by sfInflector::underscore()
    • sfExtjsThemePlugin: added sortable param, added fixed parameter to list, added baseParams to config for ComboBoxAutoLoad, updated foreignfieldcolumn to support baseParams, added menuDisabled for columnModel config, added back in gridView override, fixed column disable and menudisable in the gridview override
    • pkMediaPlugin: added some styles to the drag and drop ordering when creating slideshows, documented requirement to configure FCK, fixed styles for youtube and video search, changed script tags to script type=javascript tags because they were throwing validation errors
    • pkToolkitPlugin: fixed a bug that corrected the text description from refreshing properly on save, changed script tags to script type=javascript tags because they were throwing validation errors
    • sfDoctrineApplyPlugin: I18n coverage improvements
    • diemPlugin: allowed record method usage in admin generator list title, finished auto seo (relative / absolute url construction), ensured cross-apps links consistency, improved dmOs::join performances, fixed embedded media forms, finished differential seo automatic synchronisation with project model
    • pkContextCMSPlugin: changed script tags to script type=javascript tags because they were throwing validation errors, _simpleEditButton partial now accommodates an alternate label, title, and class and doesn't open the controls slot if you give it a hint that it is already open, _editView partial no longer duplicates the bugfix from pk_textarea_tag, reorganize the page tree via drag and drop
    • wspNopastePlugin: added getNoPasswordCriterion method, fixed retrieveOrderedByCreated not retrieving password protected entries
    • pkMediaCMSSlotsPlugin: added an unbind event when clicking links inside the slideshow descriptions so that the parent click event doesn't fire, PDF and still images slots now support the title and description options just like slideshow slots do, added button slots, protect certain slot types from the direct superimposition of editing controls over the top of the content, updated documentation
    • sfUPSShippingPlugin: fixed bug in xml data extraction
    • sfUploadManagerPlugin: refactoring
    • wfWebDebugFormPlugin: added web panel listener, base panel class and basic image for the web debug panel
    • sfZendMailPlugin: fixed a syntax bug in the sendMail method when executing the action, added new module to send emails via ajax post with json response, updated README example
    • rsfResponseValidatorPlugin: added a configuration value to disable validation on an application level, updated documentation
    • swToolboxPlugin: beta version of error translation management
    • mgI18nPlugin: try to parse action file to detect notice file, added parsing of lib folder
    • prestaSitemapPlugin: updated README
    • ysfYUIPlugin: upgraded YUI to 2.7.0, fixed loadHelpers calls, refactored debug toolbar, updated package + license + default config, refactored event handling to happen later in execution and avoid caching, added more options to yui helpers, added simpleeditor + refactored editor widget + dependency handling
    • ysfOpenPlugin: refactored open id handling, tweaked openid user id, ignore ssl errors in debug mode, added oauth clients for google, twitter, tweaked yahoo client, imported open source vendor libs: oauth, openid, opensocial
    • ysfDimensionsPlugin: made dimensions cache auto-detect apc/eaccellerator
    • sfLucenePlugin: write to the log when solr raise an error, do not throw an exception anymore
    • sfJqueryFormValidationPlugin: fixed bug where non-named form was not validating
    • sfDoctrineUserPlugin: added an onDelete option for the User's relationship to GuardUser

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