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A week of symfony #145 (5->11 October 2009)

This week, the first official release of Symfony 2 was scheduled for February 17, 2010. In addition, Doctrine 2 made its debut on symfony with the new version of sfDoctrinePlugin.

Development mailing list

Development highlights

  • r22796: [1.3] fixed view WDT when log message type is not a classname
  • r22811: [1.3] added context.method_not_found event to facilitate the creation of lazy-loading factories
  • r22819: [1.3] fixed sfAutoloadConfigHandler to work on windows
  • r22827: [1.3] fixed formatting of application option list when option has no shortcut
  • r22870: [1.3] fixed sendNextImmediately() method
  • r22873: [1.2, 1.3] fixed incorrect HTTP headers
  • r22876: [1.2, 1.3] fixed app.yml configuration cascade blocked by empty file
  • r22899: [1.3] updated sfForm::renderHiddenFields() to include hidden fields from embedded forms
  • r22916: [1.3] removed unstable stripping of include path
  • sfDoctrinePlugin:
    • r22778: [2.0] initial entry of model building
    • r22779: [2.0] updated README
    • r22794: [1.3] fixed changes to doctrine model files so only newly generated files are modified
    • r22846: [2.0] fixes for latest changes in Doctrine 2
    • r22859: [1.3] added up, down and dry-run options to doctrine:migrate, rendered migration exceptions using symfony's formatter
    • r22860: [1.3] fixed Doctrine migration task either not using configured directory or not creating them
    • r22894: [1.3] deprecated ProjectConfiguration configureDoctrine and configureDoctrineConnection methods in favor of new doctrine.configure and doctrine.configure_connection events
    • r22898: [1.3] removed log events that happen too early in the stack to actually be logged
    • r22900: [1.3] fixed broken form validation on concrete inheritance forms
    • r22904: [1.3] updated doctrine clean task for better DRY with existing code
    • r22910: [1.3] made sfFormFilterDoctrine smarter so you don't need to modify getFields() to add a not-real column filter
    • r22914: [1.3] moved methods that don't need to be generated from generator templates to base classes, added abstract signatures for the rest. removed unused getConnection() method
    • r22917: [1.3] abstracted methods from base ORM form classes to sfFormObject
    • r22919: [1.3] simplified creation of route collection name when creating a doctrine admin module, used plural option for route collection path prefix
    • r22921: [1.3] moved creation of doctrine model builder options and cli configuration arrays to plugin configuration class, added filtering through the event dispatcher via doctrine.filter_model_builder_options and doctrine.filter_cli_config events
  • sfPropelPlugin:
    • r22881: [1.3] merged changes from sfPropel14Plugin sandbox
    • r22914: [1.3] moved methods that don't need to be generated from generator templates to base classes, added abstract signatures for the rest. removed unused getConnection() method
    • r22917: [1.3] abstracted methods from base ORM form classes to sfFormObject
    • r22919: [1.3] simplified creation of route collection name when creating a doctrine admin module, used plural option for route collection path prefix
  • ...and many other changes

Development digest: 151 changesets, 30 bugs reported, 24 bugs fixed, 2 enhancements suggested, 14 enhancements closed, 11 documentation defects reported, and 7 documentation edits.



  • New plugins
  • Updated plugins
    • ysfYUIPlugin: updated YUI to 3.0.0 stable
    • ysfOpenPlugin: updated OAuth lib, added license to phpdoc, updated opensocial libs, added yahoo opensocial provider, updated yahoo sdk, added yql/yui icons
    • diemPlugin:
      • fixed admin sort interface
      • removed all hardcoded context creations
      • removed some internal admin modules for performance boost on routing factory
      • added canAccessToModule method to dmAdminUser
      • admin list links to another module now check if user can access the module
      • improved admin list associations and foreigns
      • made doctrine page_schema more explicit
      • module manager config handler now checks if a module is declared twice
      • dmFrontWebController now generates redirection url before firing event
      • improved performances on doctrine pager by caching results
      • added isMarkdownColumn on dmDoctrineTable to check if a column is a markdown text
      • removed automatic anchor from form actions
      • added unMarkdown helper to convert a markdown text to a simple text
      • improved performances in DmLayout model and DmPage table
      • made dmStylesheetCompressor fixCssPaths method public to allow actions to use it
      • great performance boost on search engine population by optimizing queries
      • added more logs to search engine population
      • made ui tabs, ui resizable, markdown javascript and stylesheets loaded on demand on front edition to reduce page load time
      • removed useless jquery plugin jqtransform
      • updated Zend Framework Search Lucene
      • dynamically load widget forms js & css (tabs, markdown...) for performance reasons
      • improved admin interface usability
    • csNavigationPlugin: added task to update navigation yml
    • sfExtjsThemePlugin: added support for double lists, added missing image files for multilist, implemented fixes for doublelist fields to display the proper associated and unassociated lists
    • pkToolkitPlugin: Roster tools refactored out of SubCrud actions and tools classes, Date and time widgets now post pkDateUpdated and pkTimeUpdated events which can be bound elsewhere in order to initialize empty "end date" fields when "start date" fields are set, pkDate::differenceDays returns the difference in whole days between two timestamps or SQL/Doctrine date strings, refactored out documentToFragment for the convenience of other code that needs to use DOMDocument to manipulate fragments
    • sfPropel14Plugin: switched Propel externals to HEAD, Propel doesn't add includes since version 1.3, removed symfony's custom isPrimaryString column attribute (use Propel s primaryString column attribute for the exact same feature), fixed a problem with propel.ini custom settings not being read correctly, added support for Propel native behaviors
    • sfAssetsLibraryPlugin: added helpers for forward-compatibility with 1.3
    • sfGridPlugin: added support for encoded attachments, fixed bug with calculating attachement size, fixed bug with injecting sfLogger
    • sfFacebookConnectPlugin: get facebook uid without forcing to log user, made sure any facebook js loads at the end of the page and the Facebook connect button waits until then because of js rendering problems with IE, added configurability of guard adapter class, included Facebook's JS Animation library
    • sfUnobstrusiveWidgetPlugin: added sfUoNestedSetArrayHelper helper class, fixed uo_widget_form_select_related_choices javascript behaviors (added disabled attribute to the hiding options), nested set helper refactoring
    • mgI18nPlugin: update README file
    • iaBotControlPlugin: fixed wrong forcing to save a record
    • nahoMailPlugin: added support for custom connections, added Swift_Connection_Debug for dev environment
    • pkContextCMSPlugin: added default table styles for tables created using FCK
    • swFormExtra: updated documentation, added swValidatorHtmlPurifier
    • sfSyncContentPlugin: fixed the default environment was used on the local end of the connection not the environment specified, updated documentation
    • tmApacheLogParserPlugin: changed url regular expression
    • sfEasyAuthPlugin: updated the app.yml file, the callable options weren't overridden correctly
    • sfEasyGMapPlugin: added nice samples
    • teUrlToAssetPlugin: bugfix for windows compatibility
    • ckWebServicePlugin: merged ckPropelPropertyStrategy and ckDoctrinePropertyStrategy from 1.1 branch, added tests for mapping of doctrine model classes, added test script to measure coverage

New symfony powered websites

  • Game24Hours: (English) retrieves the latest videos of top-selling console games
  • IPitch: (English) A professional networking web site that links investors with startup companies and allows both company types to promote themselves and keep other companies up to date with what they are doing
  • BK Bears Hong Kong: (English) site for BK Bears, includes full symfony driven CMS

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