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A week of symfony #161 (25->31 January 2010)

After three long years, the last release of symfony 1.0 branch was published this week. In addition, a new initiative was started to help symfony core members cleaning the bug tracker.

Development mailing list

Development highlights

Symfony 1.X branch:

  • r27183: [1.3, 1.4] fixed behavior when using either no separators or non slash separators for sfPatternRouting
  • r27191: [1.2, 1.3, 1.4] fixed missing variable declaration in sfProjectCOnfiguration
  • r27211: [1.3, 1.4] added check and logging for non executable remote installer files in sfGenerateProjectTask
  • Milestone 1.0.22 completed
  • r27284: [1.3, 1.4] fixed empty class attributes in WDT markup

Symfony 2.X branch:

  • c2d4..6594: [DependencyInjection] optimized (get|has)Service() methods as PHP method names are case insensitive
  • f8e3..0ea2: [DependencyInjection] added a __call() method to Container to allow usage of getXXXService() methods even whithout a PHP dump (allows for faster production environments)
  • 5c20..1c78: [Templating] changed the load() signature for loaders to allow for more flexibility
  • 26f1..e864: [OutputEscaping] refactor the component to take advantage of new PHP 5.3 features
  • 81af..892b: [Templating] added a way to change renderers after the Engine is created
  • 2fa0..d694: [DependencyInjection] added a logger to the Doctrine DBAL extension
  • d372..302c: [DependencyInjection] added a debugger to the Templating extension
  • e1aa..1910: [Templating] changed filesystem loader to only logged failed paths when not able to load the template

...and many other changes

Development digest: 219 changesets, 30 bugs reported, 39 bugs fixed, 7 enhancements suggested, 2 enhancements closed, 3 documentation defects reported, 11 documentation defects fixed, and 12 documentation edits.


  • Updated French translation of Jobeet tutorial

New Job Postings

  • Symfony developers at Zètema Progetto Cultura Srl - full-time based in Rome, Italia - Contact: s.bendinelli [at] zetema [dot] it
  • Symfony developer at Askia IT - full-time based in Paris, France or teleworking - Contact: contact [at] askia-it [dot] fr


  • New plugins
    • dmContactPlugin: allows to display a typical contact form. By default, contact requests sent with the form are stored in database.
    • sfKswfObjectPlugin: a simple helper to ease the attachment of SWF files in your documents.
    • dmGoogleMapPlugin: allows to display configurable google maps. It packages a Diem front widget, and adds a £map helper.
    • sfSympalObjectReplacerPlugin: allows you to place any Doctrine object into a content slot and have it be rendered via a partial.
    • rsLucenePlugin: adds Zend-Search-Lucene capabilities to Propel Models by adding a behavior.
  • Updated plugins
    • diemPlugin:
      • added dmValidatorCssIdAndClasses class and unit tests
      • fixed generated strings in dmRecordLoremizer
      • made link_tag service allows current page link if an anchor is set
      • cleaned default widget search results template
      • removed deprecated tasks
      • fixed front action and component generators not to override plugin classes in some cases
      • added PluginDmWidgetTable->createInZone method
      • removed default widget form new project
      • improved link page automatic title
      • seo synchronizer now handles record is_active field to activate/deactivate pages
      • made admin layout interface detect smoothly deprecated widgets
      • removed use_beaf option propagation from the service container loader
      • non-active pages now forward to 404 for non-authenticated users
      • upgraded jQuery to 1.4.1 and jQuery UI to 1.8rc1
      • edition javascripts now use the new jQuery.parseJSON method
      • hidden non-ready for production menu widget
      • removed deprecated partials
      • removed default project navigation stylesheet
      • added partial, css and js form the menu widget form
      • reordered front assets
      • cleaned up dmWidgetListForm
      • removed accessibility links from new projects default pageSuccess.php
      • added the navigation menu widget
      • made pages panel use new async asset loading
      • added log_view to the admin service container
      • made admin log actions and components use the log_view service
      • added log_view.options parameter to the admin log_view service
      • made possible to hide user IP from the log_view by changing the show_ip option
      • propagated show_ip option to the event log
      • removed all google maps related stuff from the core (moved them to a plugin)
      • reduced helper service dependencies
      • made dmInlineAssetHandler handle external assets
      • improved front menu editor javascript
      • implemented real-time resource locks
      • cleaned init filters
      • made current user appear on page loading in admin tool bar
      • applied the law of demeter on layout_helper service implementations
      • added missing form and filter classes
      • added Zend Framework 1.10
      • fixed first ajax ping when user just logged ing
      • fixed possible issue in dmMenu
      • made ajax ping server action faster when user is alone
      • content/image widgets can now have a link
      • disabled real-time resource locks when sf_debug = true
      • added dm_locks_enabled && dm_locks_timeout configuration options
      • fixed front code generation
      • implemented admin markdown full-screen
      • delayed admin hotkeys for performance reason
      • creating a media tag from an inexisting DmMedia no more throws an exception but logs an error and renders an empty media
      • the installer can now automatically create the database if the user has such privileges
    • sfErrorNotifierPlugin: improved the content of the notification in the case one of the user attributes is an array
    • pkBlogPlugin: fixed date markup in upcoming events, fixed JS error for events tag list
    • pkToolkitPlugin: the new pkSync module contains actions which carry out operations that would more typically be implemented as command line tasks but, due to the nature of the environment, cannot be (although these actions might invoke tasks at the PHP level)
    • sfDoctrineGuardPlugin: fixed join clause
    • dmWidgetGalleryPlugin: removed useless line in dmWidgetContentGalleryForm, improved CSS performances
    • daYamlEditorPlugin: ease the form extend process, redirection is now action/module agnostic, updated README
    • pkContextCMSPlugin: fixed Breadcrumb Rename button failure
    • sfSympalPlugin:
      • fixed issue with width height fields showing for non image asset types
      • removed old orphaned js code that was causing issues with admin menu when in the admin backend
      • fixed i18n for menus and caching
      • fixed issue with menu caching, sub menus and current menu item
      • added filter event for edit mode flag
      • fixed issue with content type forms and other fields
      • fixed issue with isEditMode()
      • added functionality to find the current menu item based on the request uri if it is not set
      • refactored slot saving to only require one request
      • implemented something to handle form validation errors when saving slots
      • fixed issue with editor when page cache is enabled
      • added sympal_content_slots admin generator
      • enhanced 404 redirects to allow redirecting of whole routes
      • fixes for sympal redirects and added task to redirect routes
      • refactored dispatcher calls
      • refactored admin menu out of the editor plugin and into the admin plugin
      • enhanced content slot validation ui
      • integrated Doctrine query and result cache with Sympal configurable by app.yml
      • fixed menu item batch delete and added menu clear cache
      • moved the logic for getting the slot renderer into its own function
      • added the idea of being able to include and render "objects" (this extends the current idea of including "links" and "assets")
      • added spinning loading circle when saving content slots
      • fixed content publishing when content has no menu item
      • refactored inline edit bar buttons to be powered by the menu class and to be event driven
      • fixed permissions problems with application config/app.yml
      • refactored the text replacement system so that additional types beyond link and asset can be added
      • fixed issue with admin menu calling isEditMode() when not necessary
      • added ability to disable modules
      • added shortcuts js library and adding shortcuts for inline edit bar buttons, publish button and signout button
      • improved and added permissions
    • sfDatagridPlugin: you can now use sfDatagrid::renderDirect() if you don't want to use ajax for the first loading
    • sfPhpunitPlugin: changed the way to runtest from CLI, improved usability of the amf testcase, the init task sets the first application to the BasePhpunitTestSuite
    • rsCssSpritesPlugin: fixed permissions
    • sfSympalCommentsPlugin: fixed issue with comments
    • sfDoctrineApplyPlugin: emails were so user-friendly that they were potentially mistaken for phishing scams so they have been rewritten without certain phrases that raised concern
    • sfQuizPlugin: initial implementation of the game, updated translations

New symfony powered websites

  • Freelancer: (French) invoice service for french freelancers
  • Ecla: (French) french association providing great artistic lessons
  • Nathalie Radot: (French) small portfolio of a french actress
  • Bourin Éditeur: (French) french publishing house

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"sfDoctrineGuardPlugin: fixed join clause"

Any other news about sfDoctrineGuardPlugin? I'm using a version extracted a few days ago from svn with latest and greatest features. It works fine for me. Some of the changes was quite intrusive for my project - ie. moving first, last name, email to sfguarduser or changing sf_guard_user_id to bigint. It's all fine in the development stage of site, but I'm planing to finish it soon and I want to know if I should expect any other intrusive changes before next stable release? Are there any predictions about next sfDoctrineGuardPlugin stable release date?


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