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A week of symfony #172 (12->18 April 2010)

This week Symfony 2 finished the integration of PHPUnit 3.5 for applications. Moreover, Symfony 2 added two new components: DomCrawler (part of the functional test sub-framework) and PhpProcess (runs a PHP script in a forked process).

Development mailing list

Development highlights

Symfony 1.X branch:

  • r29158: [1.3, 1.4] fixed sfDomCssSelector when selecting by attributes evaluating to false

Symfony 2.X branch:

  • 3dc2..90a4: [RequestHandler] fixed dynamic method called as static
  • b9fe..7aae: modified tests to use better PHPUnit methods
  • 79b8..1782: [WebBundle] added support in application skeleton for PHPUnit
  • 264e..de54: [DependencyInjection] changed some tests to use a data provider
  • 1375..a652: [CssSelector] fixed XPathExpr::xpathliteral()
  • 7973..3ac2: [DomCrawler] added the component
  • 3c07..360f: [Console] removed reference to old test:all task
  • 2ed5..be7a: [WebBundle] fixed import of base configuration in YAML skeleton
  • 4569..411a: [DependencyInjection] cleaned up formatting of complex isAbsolutePath() logic
  • 4933..160d: [Process] added the component


  • r29156: [1.3, 1.4] fixed setting of Doctrine's default culture before records are initialized

...and many other changes

Development digest: 116 changesets, 18 bugs reported, 3 bugs fixed, 2 enhancements suggested, 1 enhancement closed, 3 documentation defects reported, 11 documentation defects fixed, and 25 documentation edits.


New Job Postings

  • Symfony developer at AppFlower - freelance / fulltime job based in Copenhagen, Denmark - Contact: ja [at] appflower [dot] com
  • Symfony / Web developer at Clear Books - full-time job based in London, UK - More information

New developers for hire

  • Rafal Zelazko: Senior Software Developer, nearly 10 years of programming and web development experience. I worked with symfony from version 1.0. Expert level, certified, knowledge in PHP 5 OOP programing.
  • Damico Diego ([email protected]): Semi-Senior Freelance Developer with experience in the following technologies: PHP/Mysql (4 years), Symfony (3 years), Actionscript 3 (2 years), Adobe Flex/Air (2 years), Javascript/Ajax (4 years), iPhone SDK (1 year).
  • Alex Filatov ([email protected]): Symfony Ninja with 8+ Web development experience based in Kiev, Ukraine.

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  • New plugins
    • sfNuSoapPlugin: provides an interface to a client library used to make Soap calls.
    • sfDoctrineAjaxFormPlugin: plugin for Diem CMS for relationships with embedded forms using Ajax.
    • sfReadOnlyWidgetsPlugin: widgets for ReadOnly.
    • sfRutPlugin: validator and Widget with Jquery for Rut in Chile.
    • sfcicPlugin: (no description)
    • sfDoctrineFBAutocompletePlugin: provides you with a widget that will allow you to manage many 2 many relations betwwen Doctrine Object with an autocompletion field (Facebook Style).
    • sfSimpleCommentPlugin: simple, easy and flexible comments system for symfony. It provides basic features for plug'n'play usecase and its a great baseground for more complex solutions.
    • ogDynamicParametersPlugin: lets you manage parameters of any items. You can define item parameters by item family and item model.
    • ohFormErrorLoggerPlugin: automatically logs all your form validation errors into your doctrine database.
    • sfGridJqFlexiPlugin: another sfGrid plugin that formats the grid to unobtrusive jQuery FlexiGrid.
  • Updated plugins
    • sfUnobstrusiveWidgetPlugin: fixed typo in documentation, updated phpdoc
    • ahAdminGeneratorThemesPlugin: merged branch 'master' into HEAD
    • sfImageTransformExtraPlugin: implemented stream_seek() as it is used by sfImage, pattern in glob() function would have matches a.jpg and ab.jpg returning whatever was created first on top. by limiting the pattern this can now be prevented, optimised the extension matching and file info code
    • sfDB4toPropelPlugin: updates for symfony 1.3 and 1.4
    • sfDoctrineEditableComponentPlugin: moved plugin codebase to github
    • sfPropel15Plugin: updated Propel license to MIT, added detailed logs to propel:data-load task, updated Propel externals to use the new repos
    • vjCommentPlugin: removed report link when comment is already deleted, corrected a bug in getCommentsQuery() in the template, updated backend comment module for sfGuardUser, added class with static method to handle common check conditions, added option to define gravatar's directories, added css and translation for not logged message
    • sfImageTransformPlugin: updated README
    • sfGridPlugin: updated interfaces of grids, added routing-class for grids, fixed small naming issues, added javascript action, fixed bug for json not sorting
    • sfjQueryDoctrineAdminPlugin: language fixes, permission fixes
    • sfDataSourcePlugin: fixed bug in DataSourceArray with empty arrays, fixed unit tests of new sfDataSourceInterface implementations, added support to associative arrays, added some unit test to sfDataSourceArray and fixed some documentation
    • sfExtjsThemePlugin: added credentials for formpanel fields, prevented display of empty fieldsets, added credentials for formpanel buttons, improved helpText field help
    • bhLDAPAuthPlugin: prepping for symfony 1.4 and doctrine
    • swBaseApplicationPlugin: added pdf generation of the fly
    • sfDoctrine2Plugin: fixed Doctrine revision in externals so we can better keep up with changes to core
    • npAssetsOptimizerPlugin: moved codebase to git and github
    • sfI18nFormExtractorPlugin: added a new plugin extraction task that saves the internationalized strings into the plugin's own catalogue, the forms strings are now extracted recursively, now also translating form's choice values
    • sfSympalPlugin: removed transformer system and replacing with good old-fashioned partials, fixed bad call to slug for content type when config is now done via the name
    • sfSympalCMFPlugin: added sympal_renderer service and offloaded logic to it
    • apostropheBlogPlugin: restored sort label fx that somehow disappeared, support for adding new categories with existing auto-save functionality, fixed bug that caused aBlogSlot to not fetch the most recent slot versions, added consistency with templates and model class for virtual pages, executeUpdate now supports returning form chunks, made the sidebar partials reflect the form fields, added changes to form element partials, permalink and title moved along, AJAX updates of blog posts are now handled using ajax, getFeed now uses aBlogItemTable::populatePages, rss feed now gets the most recent slots, fixed bug that caused form to render warnings when no categories were set
    • apostrophePlugin: changed delete and history buttons to be flagging buttons with white backgrounds (big visual clutter improvement), fixed flag buttons injection, fix for batch admin actions in aAdmin theme, addition of name attribute to a-multi-select add-text input, updated layout to allow for main navigation in non-cms pages, updated globalTools to not display the history browser markup when logged out, tweaked fckeditor theme, fixed a layout bug relating to the Users list_actions
    • apostropheFormBuilderPlugin: added PageBreak fieldset and moved static config variables to app.yml, framework for supporting sequential form submissions
    • diemPlugin:
      • [dmCore] improve admin generator builder to include translated fields to filters
      • [dmAdmin] improved admin filter style
      • [dmCore] unset forgot_password_code in user forms
      • [dmCore] changed generation of unique slugs
      • [dmFront] added ability to sort front list widgets by boolean fields
      • [dmCore] renamed jQuery UI stylesheets
      • [dmCore] handle special case when a record is directly linked to a DmPage
      • [dmCore] replaced browser detection with php-user-agent
      • [dmCore] fixed possible issue if browser does not send referer
      • [dmCore] added user_agent_parser service
      • [dmCore] added BC compatibility methods to dmBrowser
      • [dmCore] updated internal uses of dmBrowser
      • [dmCore] removed form submit label
      • [dmCore] pass the task formatter to the filesystem service
      • [dmAdmin] fixed export class name in generatedd admin modules
      • [dmAdmin] improved admin export subframework

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