A week of symfony #182 (21->27 June 2010)

The Symfony2 Online Conference gathered this week hundreds of symfony developers. The introduction of a brand new form framework and its validation component was the first big announcement of the conference. In addition, Symfony2 unveiled its killer feature, a built-in HTTP accelerator that greatly improves the performance of Symfony2 applications. Lastly, the 30,000th changeset of symfony 1.x branch repository was committed this week.

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Development highlights

Symfony 1.X branch:

  • r29990: [1.3, 1.4] added sfOutputEscaperObjectDecorator::__isset()

Symfony 2.X branch:

  • 8c0f7e8: [OutputEscaper] switched to casting object as string rather than call magic method directly
  • d6a7b43: [DomCrawler] fixed add() method to support HTML content as string
  • 7db3ef7: [WebBundle] renamed collectors.xml to profiling.xml
  • 8ea13f9: [HttpKernel] fixed order of arguments for assertions - to be coherent with the order of PHPUnit assertions
  • 0e3b88a: [DependencyInjection] fixed inheritence when using extensions
  • c486e1b: [DependencyInjection] reverted
  • 7661e9a: [HttpKernel] changed the semantic of Response::__toString() to something more useful
  • da23747: [HttpKernel] removed Response assertions
  • 82d83fc, 449bf62: [PropelBundle] added build-sql command
  • 3ec2577: [PropelBundle] added auto package based on namespace
  • 097b87b: [PropelBundle] made Build task a hub for other tasks
  • 82890a3: [PropelBundle] fixed sqlmap filenames
  • a05a82a: fixed autoloading for code coverage
  • 97162cf: refactored cookie management
  • ed72875: Renamed Bundle classes to be named like the bundle itself for more clarity
  • 785da59: [HttpKernel] added the cache system
  • 99a63fe: renamed WebBundle to FoundationBundle as the bundle is not just about the web
  • 3eb5545: [Routing] added some unit tests
  • 6e310bd, bcd4b6d: Integrated Form, Validator, I18N and File component
  • ca3dc31: Decoupled Form component from intl extension
  • be9148a: Initial entry of DoctrineMongoDBBundle
  • 763a99e: [TwigBundle] added an asset tag

...and many other changes

Development digest: 85 changesets, 21 bugs reported, 6 bugs fixed, 6 enhancements suggested, 1 enhancement closed, 1 documentation defect reported, and 10 documentation edits.


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  • New plugins
    • sfLESSPlugin: It's descendant of sfLessPhpPlugin, but with LESS2 compiler in mind.
    • sfAdminImprovedPlugin: Develop better backends with symfony.
    • unmDoctrineActAsUuidablePlugin: This is a Doctrine behavior that will add a UUID to your tables. It will automatically generate a unique id on the row at insert using the built-in uniqid() php function.
    • fpFilePlugin: Simple file abstration layer under symfony framework structure. Provides temp folder object, public file and so on.
    • ioEditableContentPlugin: Allows for frontend/inline editing of fields and forms. The goal is to allow content to be inline-editable without getting in the way of the developer.
    • sfDoctrineSlotPlugin: Allows for non-existent columns of data on a model to be persisted and retrieved as if those columns existed in the schema.
    • sfTheme2Plugin: allows for themes to be used with your symfony project.
    • lyMediaManagerPlugin: The plugin offers a simple web interface to upload and manage images, documents and other media files directly from the backend of your symfony application. File upload and file browsing features can be easily integrated into the TinyMCE editor.
    • fpBuildPlugin: Simple task that runs a profile file with a set of console commands. In doc directory you can find standard profiles.
  • Updated plugins
    • ExtjsGeneratorPlugin:
      • tweaked isEmpty formfilter checkbox
      • fixed partials config
      • renamed extjs components attributes to variables
      • added methods array to all extjs components
      • improved generated partials with examples
      • formatted javascript files
      • added new ux.IsEmptyCheckbox
      • switched widgets to use new ux.IsEmptyCheckbox
      • added sfExtjs3Plugin configurations for our ux javascript classes
      • fixed ux.IsEmptyCheckbox boxLabel alignment
      • fixed regression with object_actions
      • fixed naming of javascript resources
      • updated Ext.ux.IconMgr.tar.gz with minimized javascript
      • added minimized javascript for all javascript assets
      • added env detection to use minimized javascript when in prod environment
      • fixed bug with gridpanel plugin configuration
      • switched tabpanel default TabCloseMenu plugin to use new extjs plugin loading method
      • implemented csv export for list as default list action
      • fixed bug with defaultValue option in ExtjsWidgetFormSelect
      • fixed bug on boolean filters having withEmpty checkbox
      • removed extra whitespace in configuration parts
      • added getFilterDefaults population when widgetOptions defaultValue is used
    • sfProjectAnalyserPlugin: added code and comments length for actions, added total code length for modules, added an alert management, added a yaml multi config file
    • sfMarkdownPlugin: removed support for Markdownify
    • sfPhpunitPlugin: backup sfConfig before each test and restore after
    • sfEmailMeAFireShotPlugin: added proper routing
    • nahoSecurityPlugin: fixed credentials setting, fixed superuser credential check
    • sfDatagridPlugin: fixed js when no freezepanes
    • isicsBreadcrumbsPlugin: added plugin configuration class, added options to breadcrumbs items, added missing comments for isicsBreadcrumbs methods, updated package dependencies and API, added support for escaping strategy, added options for root item in component
    • ncPropelChangeLogBehaviorPlugin: refactored ncPropelChangeLogBehavior class, fixed issue with postDelete() method when there wasn't a sfContext instance available
    • sfExtjs3Plugin: added ability to add to sf_extjs3_classes via another plugin, removed ux class definitions
    • sfImageTransformExtraPlugin: added a task to check if everything is setup correctly for caching generated, added rudimentary test case for new check-caching task, added check for sfImageTransformator module to be enabled, restructured README and added some more things to the TODO list
    • sfPropel15Plugin: fixed mergeRelation() with latest changes in sfForm
    • diemProject:
      • core: fixed possible JS error on text widget editing window
      • front: allowed resizing in widget editor
      • admin: proper position sorting in "manage meta" table
    • apostrophePlugin:
      • fixed logic for displaying the 'this page' button and the actual 'this page' div
      • show "this page" dialog to editors and managers, not just admins
      • fixed editPdfSuccess, editVideoSuccess and _editImage partial form markup
      • permissions was in different locations in the edit form across media types
      • all the form classes in the main lib/form folder now extend a Basea* class
      • the privileges portion of the page settings form is broken out to a single allPrivileges partial so that you can easily override that to add or remove parts of it when templating out the page settings form
      • aPageTable::checkPrivileges is now a wrapper around $aPageTable->checkUserPrivileges()
      • $aPageTable->checkUserPrivilegesBody() is the core privilege checker method
      • aTools can now be extended at the project level without copying and pasting the entire class
      • aTools::$savedCurrentPage replaced with aTools::$pageStack, which allows arbitrarily deep nesting of slots on virtual pages

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