A week of symfony #189 (9->15 August 2010)

Symfony2 development continued this week its accelerated pace: the controller resolver was refactorized, the bootstrap file was updated, bundle's interface was modified and the applications default configuration was updated.

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Development highlights

Symfony 2.X branch:

  • fd70575: [Framework] disabled the bootstrap file when debug is true
  • 6a572e0: [Framework] added the ClosureLoader for DIC in the kernel
  • 248e501: [Routing] added Route::setDefault()
  • 2f84c28: [Framework] added Kernel::isClassInActiveBundle()
  • 485400d: refactored the controller resolver (+ made a small routing optimization)
  • 9452437: [HttpKernel] made all core.* events take a request_type parameter for consistency
  • 2a8a9cc: moved KernelBundle logic to KernelExtension, and made test.xml decoupled from the error handler. The error_handler_level parameter (from kernel.config) has been renamed to error_handler
  • c043c46: [FrameworkBundle] fixed actions helper (and allowed short notation in the resolver)
  • ac8e1e2, c139fd6: updated bootstrap file
  • 0f30e53: [DoctrineBundle] removed DoctrineExtension constructor
  • f6c8626: [DoctrineMongoDBBundle] removed DoctrineMongoDBExtension constructor
  • 53c4403: [FrameworkBundle] removed WebExtension constructor
  • 9e82497: removed BundleInterface::buildContainer() method (extensions are now automatically registered -- or override the getExtensions() method if you do not follow the conventions)
  • c87dd77: modified BundleInterface
  • 0e36f04: [Framework] updated the stripComments() method
  • 7b65956, b64e66d, fca137f: made classes compilation more configurable
  • 875366f: updated default configuration in skeleton
  • dbc5249: fixed issue with .xml being hardcoded and converting yaml to yml for propert file extension
  • ef0347c: simplified HttpKernel types of request
  • f61bb19: added Response::setRedirect()
  • 75ea0b8: added Engine::renderResponse()
  • 38edd2a: added ControllerResolver::forward()
  • 880f37c: changed Controller to implements ArrayAccess, removed getRequest() method

...and many other changes

Development digest: 77 changesets, 18 bugs reported, 5 bugs fixed, 1 enhancement suggested, 5 documentation defects reported, and 7 documentation edits.


New developers for hire

  • Daniel Molina Wegener ([email protected]): Senior System Programmer, Web Developer and Software Architect, with 10 years of experience. I'm an experienced software developer in Symfony (PHP5) and other languages, including C and C++, so I can develop PHP5 extensions too.

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  • New plugins
    • prestaClickHeatPlugin: allows an easy integration of the clickheat script on a Symfony project.
    • fpErrorNotifierPlugin: easyli catches all kind of errors\exceptions: exception, fatal errors, parse errors, memory limit errors, warnings and notices.
    • sfYahooBossPlugin: allows you to easily add search functionality to your website via Yahoo Boss.
    • sfSlovenianPlugin: adds Slovenian translations of core Symfony messages (required, yes or no, is empty, etc).
  • Updated plugins
    • sfUnobstrusiveWidgetPlugin: made it working with noConflict mode enabled
    • sfDependentSelectPlugin: fixed several bugs
    • sfErrorNotifierPlugin: made names of methods and settings clearer, improved documentation
    • sfDoctrineGuardLoginHistoryPlugin: imported sources from github
    • sfTaskLoggerPlugin: temporary logs stored into the log application of the project, added a new property for the final output
    • lyMediaManagerPlugin: fixed undefined variable error when filters are disabled in lyMediaAsset module
    • sfTrafficCMSPlugin: added totals functionality for exports, added more options for customising form fields
    • sfJqueryReloadedPlugin: made sure there is a complete statement in jq_submit_image_to_remote
    • ddOnlineStorePlugin: added the feature to edit categories, updated category schema (categories now depends of one root category), improvements in the category admin, added the feature to move root categories in list, assets needed to move root categories feature, when a category is deleted, also delete the descendants, added the product model and product admin module, added list view for the products, added the Timestampable actAs to the products model, improvement in the combo box of product categories
    • sfTemplatingPlugin: use default template directory when none set, allowed plugin to work better from a task, allowed the passing of multiple template directories
    • sfJqueryTreeDoctrineManagerPlugin: added a method in the main class of the plugin that retrieves a subobject of a specific branch, rename helpers to add the plugin prefix, fixed a bug in _nested_set_list.php
    • cleverFilesystemPlugin: added a check before overwriting a file, updated documentation
    • pmPropelGeneratorPlugin: added _save_and_list action, added MaxPerPage UserCustomized feature
    • swBaseApplicationPlugin: added autogrow function
    • sfDoctrineRestGeneratorPlugin: added support for hide and embedded_relations_hide parameters, optimized the filtering of the displayed fields, updated documentation accordingly, fixed output format in case of a 404 error
    • sfDoctrineActAsTaggablePlugin: needed a class name on the tag form
    • sfPropelActAsCommentableBehaviorPlugin: gradual transition towards Propel15, some template cleanup
    • sfVideoPlugin: fixed bugs and improved plugin for new release
    • pxWymeditorPlugin: added 'create_tag' bash script
    • diemProject:
      • fixed custom admin routes are matched after dm routes
      • DmMedia is now i18n (legend, author, license) (reverted)
      • made i18n admin console page and admin diagrams page (graphviz dependancies)
      • Dm Console now have history of executed commands accessible by up and down keys
      • Diem console now has colours and indents
      • fix dmFront:generate errors in dm:setup task if "--env" parameter is set
      • added foreign relation alias Created*Model*s and Updated*Model*s to DmBlameable generated DmUser relations
    • apostrophePlugin:
      • fixed a bug with the cascade page settings form from not displaying when all child pages are unpublished
      • added edit button to slideshow thumbnail list
      • don't allow whitespace to balloon in repeated calls to aHtml::simplify()
      • removed an addJavascript call to jquery.hotkey because we do not use it and it was creating a 404 error
      • app_aMedia_admin_credential and app_aMedia_upload_credential options can be now configured in app.yml
      • fixed bad markup in pdf slot
      • general markup cleanup in Media library and fixed the highlight flash that occurs on singleton slots without content
      • fully minifying, compressing and caching a_include_javascripts and a_include_stylesheets helpers can be substituted directly for the regular Symfony versions
      • BaseaTools now calls aTools:: rather than self:: so that you can override at the project level
      • avoided the use of aTools::lock() by simply renaming the combined file after it's complete
      • all JavaScript code that is specific to Apostrophe now lives in methods of the 'apostrophe' object
      • added a new a_js_call helper to prevent script block
    • apostropheBlogPlugin:
      • parent class shouldn't be calling self:: and this stuff shouldn't be static anyway
      • pager should reset its page when adding or removing a filter

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