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A week of symfony #272 (12->18 March 2012)

This week Symfony 2.1 focused on session handlers refactoring, another important step in the ongoing effort to improve and refactor session management. In addition, the official Symfony documentation section was improved.

Development mailing list

Symfony2 development highlights

Master branch:

  • 14a18ae: [WebProfilerBundle] optimized toolbar and profiler icons with optiPNG
  • 0c83c5d: [Form] added alternate syntax for form_theme
  • bb30a44: [HttpFoundation] prepare to split out session handler callback from session storage
  • 2326707: [HttpFoundation] split session handler callbacks to separate object
  • 0a064d8, 2257a3d: [HttpFoundation] refactor session handlers
  • 88b1170, 1308312, 7b36d0c: [HttpFoundation] refactored session tests
  • a1c678e: [FrameworkBundle] added session.handler service and handler_id configuration property
  • 7f33b33: refactor SessionStorage to NativeSessionStorage
  • 6ad201f: [FrameworkBundle, WebProfilerBundle] optimized images and icons with PunnyPNG
  • a98d554: [SecurityBundle] allowed switching to the user that is already impersonated
  • 697befc: [HttpFoundation] updated the list of known mime types based on the Apache HTTPD list
  • 873da43: [HttpFoundation] added chainability to the Response class
  • 1c86ad7: [HttpFoundation] added headers argument to RedirectResponse
  • ff13528, 076bd1e: [HttpFoundation] added create method to Json, Redirect and Streamed responses

2.0.x branch:

  • aa53b88: [FrameworkBundle] sets _format attribute only if it wasn't set previously by the user
  • 45bbb5b: [Console] added getNativeDefinition() to allow specifying an alternate InputDefinition for help generation
  • 17c3482: fixed timezone bug in DateTimeToTimestampTransformer
  • 878c239: [DoctrineBundle] fixed autoloader leakage in tests
  • 93cc9ef: [Validator] removed a race condition in the ClassMetaDataFactory
  • 50cb486: [DoctrineBundle] fixed proxy generation in the DoctrineBundle when using Doctrine >= 2.2.0
  • 8642473: [Form] changed instances of \DateTimeZone::UTC to 'UTC' as the constant is not valid a produces this error when DateTimeZone is instantiated

Repository summary: 4,158 watchers (#1 in PHP, #28 overall) and 1089 forks (#1 in PHP, #12 overall).

New plugins

Updated plugins

  • sfRedis:
    • allow automatic cleaning of redis zset members for removed doctrine records
  • apostrophe:
    • new 'slotOptions' option to the standardArea component allows you to tweak options for specific slots if needed

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