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A week of symfony #281 (14->20 May 2012)

This week, Symfony 2.0.14 was released and the new OptionsResolver component was introduced. In addition, the first Symfony Community Survey was published to get a better understanding of the Symfony community.

Symfony2 development highlights

Master branch:

  • b9d053e: [Form] moved Options classes to new OptionsParser component
  • 04522ca: [OptionsParser] added method replaceDefaults()
  • 256b708: [OptionsParser] renamed OptionsParser to OptionsResolver
  • 876fd9b: [OptionsResolver] implemented fluid interface
  • 16f7d20: [OptionsResolver] improved implementation and clarity of the Options class
  • 38cbbe7: [Serializer] moved JSON encoding and decoding to separate classes which expose all their available parameters
  • 982c369: added @ to all chmod() calls to avoid PHP warnings (operation not permitted) when using CIFS or NTFSa
  • 4b0cdde: [Validator] changed default of ValidatorFactory::buildDefault to exclude annotations
  • d2c162d: [OptionsResolver] added methods isKnown() and isRequired()
  • 3a5e84f: [Validator] added CollectionSize constraint, renamed Size constraint to Range and CollectionSize to Size, merged SizeLength and Size constraints, tweaked expected types for exceptions in SizeValidator
  • 4c4d889: [Translation] fixed PoFileLoader pluralhandling from interval to index
  • dd60166: [Translation] fixed for allowing empty translation
  • fb6cf3e: [Translation] allowed for missing whitelines
  • f433f6b: [Routing] fixed route regex when the pattern is only made of optional segments

2.0.x branch:

  • 47605f6: [Form] do not update form to data when form is read only
  • d1c831d: [HttpFoundation] changed must-proxy-revalidate by proxy-revalidate in Response
  • aaa155e, fe4c0cf, b379968: released 2.0.14 version
  • fff7221: [DoctrineBundle] fixed the proxy autoloading for Doctrine 2.2
  • d1f0c25: fixed the composer constraint for Doctrine Common

Repository summary: 4,694 watchers (#1 in PHP, #30 overall) and 1226 forks (#1 in PHP, #12 overall).

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Hi Javier, the "Symfony Community Survey" link is broken. Thanks for the post. :)

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