A week of symfony #323 (4->10 March 2013)

This week, Symfony development activity focused on fixing minor bugs for the 2.1 branch and improving the Routing component for the 2.2 branch. In addition, the videos of the last Symfony Live Berlin conference were published.

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Symfony2 development highlights

2.1 changelog:

  • 73bead7, bb08247: [ClassLoader] made DebugClassLoader idempotent
  • e86fefa, dcb1441: [DependencyInjection] unset loading[$id] in ContainerBuilder on exception
  • c82c754: [HttpKernel] fixed RedisProfilerStorage wrong db-number/index-number selected
  • d1f5d25: [FrameworkBundle] fixed invalid serialized objects in cache
  • b9cdb9a: [HttpKernel] fixed possible profiler token collision
  • 1d3da29: [FrameworkBundle] avoided cache:clear to break if new/old folders already exist
  • 7241be9: [Finder] fixed a potential issue on Solaris where INF value is wrong

2.2 changelog:

  • 41ad9d8: [Routing] made xml loader more tolerant (schemes and methods may also be delimited by whitespace, comma or pipe)
  • 54c333d: [Routing] unified and fixed the loader tests
  • acff735: [Routing] trigger deprecation warning for deprecated features that will be removed in 2.3
  • ea694e4: [Routing] added tests for remove() that wasnt covered yet and special route name
  • c0de07b: [Routing] added tests for addDefaults, addRequirements, addOptions
  • 15bf033: [FrameworkBundle] fixed router debug command (use dedicated Route methods, pattern is now called path, show missing scheme and host requirements)

Master changelog:

  • c6fe27f: [DomCrawler] added schema relative URL support to link
  • 9024c07: [DependencyInjection] improved the generated PHPDoc of the dumped PHP container
  • 817453c: added http_method_override option to ease setup

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Symfony2.1 Validation: error mapping: http://www.kamiladryjanek.com/2013/03/symfony2-1-validation-error-mapping

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